Future for coral: Crucial research needed

Saving reefs through research: Finding new ways to combat coral decline in a warming world.

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New stretch target

Stretch Target

£8000. This extra money will go directly to fund a young Kenyan scientist, doing conservation work in Watamu Marine National Park, Kenya. 

What will I use the extra money for?

Peter Musembi came to A Rocha Kenya, where I was working, on World Ocean's Day 2013 (June 8th) to see about a potential internship. When I met him he had never dived before and couldn't even swim particularly well, but he had one of the sharpest scientific minds I had come across while in Kenya. We worked together, did loads of fieldwork and even shared a room from that time until I left A Rocha Kenya last year. Two years later Peter is a qualified diver and is A Rocha Kenya's marine scientist, the role I used to do. 


Peter is directing his role as marine scientist into areas that he feels are needed, and is exploring areas that I never did. As a native Kenyan he is much better able to understand the complexities of conservation and providing for poor communities reliant on natural resources. He is also keeping up biodiversity monitoring and assessing coral health. 

Applying for funding in a remote corner of Kenya is not easy. Slow internet, intermittent power and being thousands of miles from funder's offices in London, Paris etc. makes getting funded in a super-competitive field like marine biology really difficult. Peter has loads of great ideas and as a native Kenyan he is the best person to make a difference for conservation there in Watamu. Please support this strech target and let's help Peter make a massive impact and Future for Coral in Kenya!

"Coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate due to climate change and human pressure. Governments and conservation managers need solutions to combat this decline. My work is saving reefs through research. My results can help combat coral decline in a warming world."


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