Tuition fee for a Medical student

by Julie in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Tuition fee for a Medical student
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To pay this semester’s tuition for my degree.

by Julie in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone, my name is Rosa Zielinska. I am doing my first year of Biomedical Science at a university in Manchester . My biggest ambition is to become a clinical scientist and I am hoping to find a cure for diseases such as Hashimoto or HPV virus. Science and Medicine is what I live for. However, the Student Finance team has been making my dream impossible for me to persue.

On the 25th of November I have received an e-mail from my university stating that if I won’t pay this semester’s tuition fee immediately, i won't be able to continue with my education and they will suspend me.

This is due to the fact that Student Finance has still not approved my application, and i have no way of paying my tuition fees independently. I have moved to Manchester by myself, and currently i am struggling to find any solution to this problem.

I've had to move out of the accommodation i've lived in when i first came to Manchester, due to not receiving my maintenance loan and not being able to afford my rent. Fortunately, my friend has allowed me to share her small rented room with her until i figure out whether i can stay and continue with my education or not.

Every time I contacted the Student Finance office, I've received various excuses to why my application has not been yet approved. I've gone to countless meetings and advice centres hoping to resolve this issue, however, it has been of no help since the SF team has previously lost my documents and i've been having numerous other issues which are out of my control.

I am now in debt. I've had to borrow money from almost everyone i know, i've made the "most" out of my overdraft in the bank and i've even borrowed money from the university in order to survive. Now, i am completely lost. I owe all this money and i'm solely dependant on getting my application approved to be able to repay everything and hopefully continue with my education.

My parents have supported me as much as they could, however none of us are able to resolve this massive issue that has grown because of the delay in my application. 

I have no one else to reach for help to and i really hope i won't have to stop working for my future and doing something i truly love.

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