Future for my boy.

by Mum and Moo Moo in Sipson, England, United Kingdom

Future for my boy.


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I am trying to raise money for my son's future in education and wellbeing in this current unstable system.

by Mum and Moo Moo in Sipson, England, United Kingdom

So here we are on this little planet of ours, it may be flat it may be round, regardless there are many of us who are struggling to make ends meet!

I am an environmental activist as well as a freelance bartender and fulltime yummy mummy! Max and I are currently living in a house I have built from reclaimed palette wood in a small eco village close to London. We use a woodfired burner to keep us warm in the winter months, heat water for showers, and to cook with.

(Quaint as this may sound, it's pretty tough chopping and preparing wood on cold days, finding enough food for the whole community to eat, keeping warm through the nights and transport from our village to nearby towns and social places for max to play with friends).

Unfortuantly following my career dreams cannot pay the bills and therefore i have had to take up extra jobs in any spare time I have... this takes much deserved family time away from my son :(

He fortunately seems blissfully unaware of a life other than our struggle of living.

I want to provide Maximoomoo with a holiday to somewhere other thank a UK campsite, I want to drive a car so I can transport him to places easily and myself to work. I want to provide him with a better home and after school treats and toys that aren't handed down from charity. I want to give my son the best opportunities when it comes to education when he is older. I'd like to invest in us both getting a passport to travel the world one day. Id like to take him to legoland or disney land paris. Id like him to understand the whole world and not the poverty stricken life we are currently leading.

I want to go back to college myself to gain skills and find a better career that can provide for my son but I can't afford college fees let alone school dinners!

I want to provide a brighter future for my son!! Please help