Future Blend Project

Our mission is to help promote composers and performers as well as create music to inspire all musicians. Concert 09.01.2016 Birmingham.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £788 with 35 supporters in 28 days

Project Aim: 

The Future Blend Project has five main aims:

  1. To bring together composers and musicians in order to create some incredible new music focusing on minority instruments. (2016 Harp)
  2. To give aspiring composers the opportunity to publish and publicise their work.
  3. Create a concert whereby local music institutions, charities, companies and young professionals can connect and publicise their work.
  4. Encourage children to listen and try out minority instruments.
  5. Bring more music to Birmingham and continue a thriving arts culture.
  6. To help promote small buisinesses by using them and advertising them throughout the project. 













Project outline and calendar:

The future blend 2016 project was inspired to bring together composers and harpists. Becoming established in the music industry is becoming increasingly more difficult and this project helps to act as a stepping stone for musicians and composers. The project also looks to help increase the amount of music composed for the harp. 

July 2015 - Project Begins

August 2015 - Composers are busy writing some incredible music

September 10th - Deadline for compositions

October to December 2015 - Performers work with composers to learn and perfect the music and PoppyHarp begins to create some fantastic published copies of the work to be available after the premier. 

9th January 2015 - Concert in Birmingham of this new and exciting music. Old Library - Custard Factory, Birmingham. The winning composition will result in a £100 prize for both the composer and performer of the piece. 



Whos involved?

The Harpists:

Fran Barsby, Vera Khait, Rita Schindler, Erica Sinclair, Amy Turk, Eleanor Turner, Kinga Was

The composers:

Segun Akinola, Rosie Clements, Kirsty Devaney, Patrick Ellis, Leon Haxby, Sam James, Rob Jones, Ben Q Parkinson Atherton, Ryan Probert, Dominic Sewell, Ben Weatherill, Yfat Soul Zisso


Appeal for funding: 

We hope that this project will run annually, with the proceeds of the concert enabling us to continue another year to connect and inspire as many musicians at all stages of development as possible. However to put on the first concert we are in dire need of funding. The entire project is going to cost £10700. 

The project has many costs and applications for funding are being processed. We also have kind individuals such all of our harpists donating their time, companies, Pilgrim Harps, Fotofillia photography and PoppyHarp all donating time and resources. However even if all our applications arrive back successful we are still in need of a minimum of £1000. Any extra would help this project fly! So please give us a hand even if we are fully funded! The project has many costs including hire of venue, lighting, printing, publishing, copyrighting, video of the event, photography, harp hire, advertising, organisation, insurance etc.

In order for this amazing project to run we are in need of as much support as possible. The smallest donation could make the biggest difference so please show your support and help make so many peoples dreams a reality.


Thank you for taking the time to read about us!

For more information please visit our website! http://www.futureblendproject.co.uk

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