Christmas for unpaid Carers

Christmas for unpaid Carers

Make Christmas a warm and memorable one for FUSHIA's Unpaid Carers.

We did it!

On 2nd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £105 with 2 supporters in 42 days

FUSHIA provides a unique, personlaised srevice to families suffering through anothers drug and/or alcohol addiction. The consequences of addiction and substance abuse on Carers and other family members are dire with the effects felt most by those who are elderly, socially isolated and highly vulnerable. Alcohol and drug related violence, domestic abuse, umemployment, debt, child neglect and educational failure are all intertwined and disproportionately affect poorer communities such as Sunderland. We reach out to a client group that has been historically difficult for the statutory bodies to engage with, providing support, understanding, knowledge and respite to allieviate the daily problems and distress cuased by addiciton.Our Carers are providing an invaluable and cost saving service to their loved ones and the strain on the Carer both physically and emotionally is a huge one. Support Groups and Craft Classes provide much needed respite, breaking down barriers and building trusting relationships, this reduces anxiety and stress, increases self- esteem, builds confidence and communication skills and leads to emotional resilience, raised aspirations and re-engaging with the local community.The Project is to provide a Christmas Party and essential warm clothing and footwear to elderly Carers who are experiencing hardship.FUSHIA has a significant number of elderly parents who are providing support to adult children some who have returned to the family home after a relationship breakdown brought about through their addicitons. In our experience the elderly are particularly vulnerable as they find it difficult to understand and grasp the dynamics of addiction and are therefore more easily bullied and manipulated and while FUSHIA is here to protect and prevent this....... We would love to make this Christmas a truly memorable one for our Carers.With your help we can achieve this.Thank YouKaryn Jackson


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