Further my education.

Further my education.

My aim is to further my education get a good job and change the lives of both my family and my country.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Nnake Katty Nkwain and I'm a young Cameroonian who has a great dream of furthering her education abroad(Cyprus international university). I am a bachelor’s degree holder in marketing from the University Institute of Gulf of Guinea Douala.

I come from a family that has always done its best to support my education until now. I'm the second kid among 6  (2 brother and 3 sisters)  and due to the economics and political crisis that are going on in my country; it is really difficult for my parents to continue assisting me. Since a little girl, I have always wished to be a person in my future and prove to the society that, although I did not come in the world with a gold spoon, I could work hard and I have it. 

Actually, I am seeing that dream dying because all the financial support I had until now, are not anymore possible. By writing this letter, I put all my hope that it reaches you and you read it with an opened heart and you have mercy on me. I really need your assistance to continue my studies in nice conditions in order to reach my dream and to become a respectful person in our world.

I hope my letter will receive your attention.

Thank you