Furry Little Friends

by Agata kowalik in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

Furry Little Friends
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I want to make products for animals that will be safe and help animals that have been through trauma and in shelters !

by Agata kowalik in Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom

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One day I rescued a bunny from a family that did not want him anymore . He was a little gray Netherlands dwarf . I named him pikachu and he became my best friend , I allowed him to free roam and he had toys made by me even hideyholes made by me because I could not find anything online or in stores that was healthy and good exept maybe 5 products . And if there was something it was expensive.  And unfortunately pikachu passed away leaving amara his mate behind . Now amara was a rescued bunny from the SSPCA  and she has bad anxiety and bad fear of humans . She was severely neglected and I have now had over a year or working with her making her toys and pillows litter trays etc and she is coming around . Again the same issues here not enough things out there to help her.  

So I've set out on a mission and made de stressing pillow for her and it has improved her quality of life . And my other bunnies love it as well  and so I want to work with burgess and naturals as a business owner to make all the things that I could have used and that could help other animals as well as bunnies to be happy ????.  I want to make a variety of products and snacks for bunnies and other small furries at affordable prices . I want to patent my pillow so no-one can stop me making more and more of them . I want to make cooling products and great hair brushes for them . Toys that are durable and toys that are editable! Beds ! Castles ! Snacks ! Quality hay and food and I want to make this affordable and within quality prices . I want to also include a help sector for the sspca where I will donate stock and items to the shelters all over and allow you to do so as well . 

I want to stop the buying of animals without the right knowledge and I want to join forces with local breeders that do it out of love rather than commercial breeding grounds where the animals are enslaved ! 

I want to offer information sessions on a national level and I want to do it all because of pikachu ! He changed my life he shown me how pure and amazing he was and that every bunny deserves the same ! 

So please help me start this amazing journey to change  how the animals like Pikachu are being treated ! 


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Your own pillow

Your very own de stressing pillow for your bunny , guinea pig , cat ,dog etc friend

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Question session

In this I will offer an exchange of emails , messages or a zoom call to help with information on your small animal and how you can help them settle in better

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I will offer information session or help online for a small animal that you have or thinking about purchasing

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£30 Reward

De stressing pillow will go to an sspca shelter of your choice

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