What started as a hobby is now something I'm hooked on and want to make a full time business. Upcycling really has captured my heart.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Upcycling has captured my heart and given me something that I really love to do. Breathing new life into old furnishings and creating something new gives something to everyone.  As well as saving a hole lot of extra unnecessary junk at the local tips! 

My mission is to breathe as much new life into everything I can and give all junk a new purpose, and whilst I'm doing it, ensuring that I make it affordable for everyone! 

I want to do both my own creations upcycled for sale to new homes as well as bespoke products. Eventually I have plans to start my own furniture design making unique one off pieces too!

First things first though, I need a few things and that's why I'm here! I need to go and get a van, as well as some tools, the ones I have been using have been fine for me in "hobby-mode", and then some new stock, the local area is full of items just ripe for the taking and transforming. Paint and other supplies, handles, legs other little diy bits are needed too! And then advertising, logo design, stationary and a few other bits! I'm lucky in the fact I have a spare room which is large enough for me to work from for now. And a garden large enough to do the actual hands on stuff. So I have my workspace and office sorted for now!  But in a few months I'll need t move into an actual store! So people can see everything, everyday ! 

Taking something like this, that is utterly "dead" that most people would just give up on ..... and making it into something completely different just fills me with a new hope for everything. 

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