Fur for Animals

We are an anti-fur group. Funding will pay for a global competition to find great new social media messages spotlighting fur’s cruelty.

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £4,241 with 169 supporters in 56 days

We are Respect for Animals and we campaign every day against the cruel and unnecessary fur industry – an international trade that kills 100 million animals every year.

Our original award-winning 'Dumb Animals' poster and cinema advertising led to the exposure of the cruelty of the fur trade and prompted society's rejection of fur wearing in the UK.

We now plan to launch a new global 'fur for animals' campaign using effective social media messaging to raise awareness that fur is cruel and buying fur perpetuates animal suffering.  

We will work with the world's TOP design and creative colleges and sponsor a global competition to produce a new 'Dumb Animals' campaign fit for the 21st Century.  The world has changed since the first wave of anti-fur campaigns and so has the way and where fur is sold. 

We need to evolve and step up our campaign. With your help, we can.

Here is our original cinema advert:

What have we achieved?

Respect for Animals is a relatively small organisation but we punch above our weight with an impressive track record of campaigning success..

These are some of our major achievements, but we need to do more, much more..

Demand for fur in Russia and China has led to many more animals being killed each year and our experience and commitment to the campaign is now needed more than ever.

What do we want to achieve?

To sponsor a global competition in conjunction with D&AD (an educational charity which promotes excellence in design and advertising) called 'fur for animals'. Under the ‘New Blood’ program, the competition will be open to students in 2,500 of the world’s best creative and design colleges. The brief will be to produce a new, hard-hitting and effective social media advertising campaign against the cruel and unnecessary fur trade. If people stop buying fur, animals stop dying. We will be following in the footsteps of Amnesty International, Greenpeace and WWF who have all successfully used the New Blood scheme as part of their campaigns.


What difference will your funding have…

We will use the winning competition entries as part of a new international consumer campaign to persuade people to stop wearing fur as well as to increase Respect for Animal’s capacity and global social media presence. Social media messaging is now an integral part of modern campaigning – particularly consumer campaigning. It provides a highly cost effective way of spreading information and campaign messages to countries where fur is worn and which the fur trade is targetting.

Meet the team

Mark Glover left Greenpeace to set up anti-fur organisation Lynx (now Respect for Animals) and has been working on the campaign for some 30 years.  Nicki Brooks is the ideas person and also oversees our accounts and expenditure with a rod of iron ensuring our overheads and admin costs are minimal.   Richard Bissett is our social media guru – being young, it comes naturally to him – and runs half-marathons for fun and to raise money for the campaign!  Jackie Feeney is our uber-volunteer who helps out every week helping out with everything from stuffing envelopes to data entry end everything else besides.

Unique Rewards

Check out our rewards to see how you can receive one of those limited edition 'fur for animals' eco-friendly and ethical t-shirts, or a cute cuddly seal as part of our goodie bag rewards:

We have other unique awards according to what you can afford to donate, take a look to see what works out best for you!

What's happens next…

Please help us to help the tens of millions of animals that suffer and die each year for no other reason than the fur on their backs. We are part of this year’s exciting ‘New Blood’ worldwide competition and, with your support, we can.

If you’re not able to contribute but want to help out please get the word out! Send out details of this appeal on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram , email it to your friends, family and colleagues. Please also feel free to get in touch by contacting us at info@respectforanimals or calling 0115 9525440.

THANK YOU- from all of us at Respect for Animals the animals you could help save!

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