Help Me Save My Home - Wonderful mum died and sisters trying to force me out of my home unlawfully

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My Story

I am in London, England.  Tragically, in June 2014 my mum died from complications during a shoulder replacement surgery.  She had just turned 79 and was loved by everyone.  In fact, you would have had a difficult time trying to find somewhere to sit at the church funeral.

I lived with my mum and had lived at the family home most of my life. I am 44 and a few years back I went through a very difficult time where I was in a psychiatric hospital as they tried to save my life.

It became clear that my 2 sisters - who are both financially secure, had placed my mum under great distress and pressure to change the wills to their advantage so they could evict me from the home after she died.  They do not live there and have their own properties. I am not working.

I am now trying to fight their lawyers in order to try and stay and keep the family home, which has been in the family for almost 40 years and overturn their injustices.  To do so will cost around £30,000 so I am hoping you will be able to help me.

Regardless how small a donation I will be very grateful.  And for any donation over £100 - if you need a blog post/ article written - I am an expert blogger and had a globally successful blog.

Thank you in advance.

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