Version dated 24.08.2022

Sport England:Places and Spaces - Grant Conditions

Places and Spaces – Sport England’s Extra Funding Scheme to unite communities as part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Claiming your Grant

You must draw down your grant through Crowdfunder within 3 months of the successful completion of your crowdfunding campaign, any funding not drawn down after 3 months will be deemed unspent and returned to Sport England.

Your grant should be used for the specific purposes as set out on your Crowdfunder campaign page, if you are unable to use the grant for the purposes set out on your Crowdfunder campaign, please notify us as to how you intend to spend the grant at [email protected].


You will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire about your project and crowdfunding experience, one before your campaign completes and one 6-8 weeks afterwards. You may also be asked to take part in a short interview about your experience of the fund. You agree for your contact details to be passed on to us for this purpose and to supply any information requested in a timely manner.

Branding and Recognition

As part of this fund, you agree to display signage to recognise the pledge made by Sport England. There are up to two signs available per project, which Sport England will cover the costs of. There is either one internal and/or one external sign, depending on your requirements - any additional signage must be paid for by you. An order form for this signage will be emailed to you once your campaign has successfully completed. These signs must be installed no later than two weeks after work is completed on your project and/or before any official opening ceremony.

We may also wish to use your campaign details and our grant to form part of a case study that we will publish on our website to show good-practice and provide support to other organisations wishing to crowdfund as an alternative source of funding. We will discuss and agree the content with you.

Please follow Sport England’s branding guidelines if and when promoting your project. Full details, including access to our logo, brand toolkit and ordering of any signage can be found here.

Organisational Issues

Please inform us in writing of any major changes to your organisation, this may include impending mergers, financial difficulties, significant loss of funding, significant changes in staffing, and/or Charity Commission / Companies House matters.

If you change your address or contact details, please inform us via email ([email protected]), providing details of your new address and contact details.

We reserve the right to withdraw, reduce, vary or withhold the grant, in whole or in part in the event of: any failure to comply with the above and/or where the law is not being complied with.