Building stronger communities

Crowdfunder and Origin Housing are bringing people together to build stronger communities in North London and Hertfordshire.

Origin Housing provides housing and care services to people from all walks of life across North London and Hertfordshire. They are committed to building strong communities, and helping people to raise funds is a crucial part of that.

This fund is now closed. 

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Projects that fit the bill

Inside hackney guide image

Inside Hackney guide Greater London

We are fundraising to produce a second edition of Inside Hackney, our compact, beautiful and fact-filled guide to London's best borough

Successfully overfunded

  • 109 supporters
  • £6k raised
  • 36 days
The knight who took all day image

The Knight Who Took All Day Hertfordshire

To help Hertford Symphony Orchestra fund a new children's commission by composer Bernard Hughes in the tradition of Peter and the Wolf

Successfully overfunded

  • 35 supporters
  • £2.6k raised
  • 28 days
Enfield art festival image

Enfield Art Festival Greater London

This is an opportunity for local people to express their national identity in a fun, safe and engaging way and create community cohesion.

  • 12 supporters
  • £925 raised
  • 14 days
Empowering polish women image

Empowering Polish Women Greater London

Empowering Polish Women - happy women contributing back to society. Help take us to the next level and create our online presence.

Successfully funded

  • 42 supporters
  • £2.3k raised
  • 28 days
Radiate community cafe image

Radiate Community Cafe Greater London

Radiate has helped over 600 vulnerable young people & adults people in harrow to date, we want to keep doing the same.

Successfully funded

  • 17 supporters
  • £2.5k raised
  • 21 days
Gr;t documentary image

GR;T Documentary Hertfordshire

You’ve seen films about self-harm before. This one will be different. But to do it, I need a bit of a leg up! Help raise some initial funds.

Successfully overfunded

  • 47 supporters
  • £3.1k raised
  • 28 days

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Meet Origin Housing

Origin Housing is a charitable housing and care provider, founded on a belief that if good quality affordable housing is to be a foundation for life, it’s about so much more than just bricks and mortar. They work across North London and Hertfordshire, managing over 6,500 homes and supporting thousands more to live independently in theirs. They are committed to investing in the communities in which they work to help both people and neighbourhoods thrive.