Match funding FAQs

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What is matched funding?

Match funding (sometimes also referred to as donation matching) is a fantastic way to boost your fundraising campaign. Raise awareness of the cause you’re crowdfunding for and get an extra injection of cash from corporate partners or public sector bodies. Our match giving partners will pledge to donate a particular amount for every £1 you raise, or top up your fundraising total. Our matched funding scheme is known as +Extra Funding because that’s exactly what it is - extra money for your campaign. 

What are the benefits of matched funding?

The benefits of match funding for your cause include:

  • Raise extra money - get a cash boost and surpass your original fundraising goal
  • Boost awareness of your cause - working with a corporate partner will raise your campaign’s profile
  • Extra momentum for your campaign - knowing your funding will be matched and your hard work will pay off
  • Share the fundraising load - raise extra cash without having to ask your donors for more money

How much extra money could I raise via match funding?

There’s over £10 million in match funding available at Crowdfunder. Some of our matched giving partners may pledge to double your fundraising total, while others will pledge to donate a specific amount when you reach your target to boost your pot. Every match fund will have its own specific criteria, so always check this before applying for funding support. The total amount you’re eligible to receive will depend on the initial target you set for your campaign.

Which projects are eligible for match funding grants?

If you’ve set up a Rewards project with Crowdfunder, you may be eligible to receive matched funding from one of our national or regional partners. Community fundraisers, charities, sports clubs and other groups may be eligible for matched fundraising with Crowdfunder. At this time, prize draws and personal causes are not eligible for matched crowdfunding support.

How do I apply for Crowdfunder match funding?

To apply for matched funding for your Crowdfunder campaign, you simply need to:

  1. Begin by adding a project and telling us your story
  2. We'll tell you if you're eligible for any of our available funds
  3. Apply for funding and one of our partners may match fund your project

Do I have to crowdfund to get +Extra Funding?

Yes, you need to crowdfund to be eligible for +Extra match funding. Accessing matched fundraising via Crowdfunder is a little different and much easier than the traditional grant giving process, so it’s a great way to raise extra funds for your cause. Get started now.

What are the different types of match funding? 

There are several different types of match funding that your campaign may be eligible for:

  • Pledge match funding - this is where a partner pledges to top up your fundraising total by a certain amount when you reach your target. For example, they might pledge to award you £1,000 when you get to your initial fundraising goal
  • 1:1 match funding - with this type of matched funding, a partner will pledge to match every £1 you raise like for like, doubling your overall total
  • Multi model match funding - this combines pledge funding and 1:1 match funding. You can apply to multiple +Extra Funding partners via Crowdfunder, so your campaign could receive different kinds of top-up funding

At Crowdfunder, many of our match fund partners follow the pledge model.

When is the best time to apply for +Extra Funding?

It’s best to apply for +Extra Funding before you set up your crowdfunding project. Get your applications in, then set your page live. Our match funding partners will look at your campaign page when making a decision on who to award +Extra Funding to.

Can I apply for crowdfunding grants from more than one partner?

Yes, you can apply for +Extra Funding from as many partners as you like. If there are multiple funds that you feel you’d be eligible to receive money from, you’re welcome to apply to them all. Each individual match fund partner will then decide whether to award funds to your campaign.

When will I find out if my +Extra Funding application has been successful?

It typically takes between 1 and 4 weeks for match fund partners to let you know if your application for +Extra Funding has been successful.

How are match funding grants paid out? 

You’ll receive the pledged funds from your +Extra Funding partner(s) after you reach your crowdfunding target. This money will be kept separately from the rest of your fundraising pot, and will be paid into your +Extra Funding wallet via your Crowdfunder dashboard. You’ll receive the extra funds shortly after drawing down the money from your crowdfund. 

Access match funding for your cause

Boost your fundraising pot with Crowdfunder match funding. Simply add your project, tell us what you’re raising money for, and we’ll help you find a potential match.