East Sussex Community Wellbeing Fund: Double your donations

Terms and Conditions

Version dated: May 2024

Please read this document carefully before launching a crowdfunding campaign and filling in an application form.


In order to be considered for +Extra funding from the Community Wellbeing Fund your project must meet the following criteria:

● Be located in East Sussex to support East Sussex residents

● Be creative and engaging

● Demonstrate real community support, by having achieved 25% of the project fundraising target on Crowdfunder

● Have plans for how the project will continue after this funding has ended.

The ‘Community Wellbeing Fund’ aims to support projects that are helping to create social equity, economic prosperity, cultural vitality and environmental sustainability in East Sussex.

We will support a wide range of projects that help people and planet to thrive, with priority given to projects addressing existing inequalities. This could include, for example, projects which:

● Create connection and tackle loneliness.

● Develop vibrant community hubs.

● Increase active, sustainable and accessible travel.

● Improve access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

● Involve communities in tackling climate change.

● Enhance the built and natural environment.

● Support people to explore the use of creativity as a way to wellbeing.

● Enable people to participate in and benefit from the digital world.

● Promote financial inclusion.

● Build safer and inclusive neighbourhoods.

Your organisation will also need to demonstrate how your project addresses a community issue that was identified through conversations or engagement with the people in the community who will benefit.

The Community Wellbeing Fund is particularly interested in projects that have plans for how the project will continue after this funding has ended.


The Community Wellbeing Fund is available to not-for-profit organisations based in East Sussex, with an annual income of less than £500,000.

Your organisation’s project will benefit the people of East Sussex, and not be in receipt of monies from the public sector for the provision of part of the project, unless sustainability is clearly evidenced and the project increases outcomes for the people in the community who are beneficiaries.

Your organisation will have a bank account with at least two signatories who are not related nor live at the same address, and have a set of accounts, or financial records covering one full year of operation if you are an established organisation.

Your organisation will also have in place/be willing to adopt the following documents for your organisation to receive a pledge from Community Wellbeing Fund:

● Constitution – Governing document

● Safeguarding Policy - Children and Adults

● Complaints Policy/Procedure

● Insurance - Public Liability (£5m)/Employers Liability (£5m)

The Community Wellbeing Fund will not make pledges to political or religious projects.

Application Process

You confirm that Your organisation meets the eligibility criteria for the Fund. The eligibility criteria form part of these terms and conditions and You confirm that all information provided in Your application for Funding is true and accurate.

1. Submit your application before Friday 24th May 2024 (the application reviewal date) through your Crowdfunder dashboard.

2. Pre-screening – an initial assessment of your application will be completed and if your application meets the criteria of the Community Wellbeing Fund, then this will be forwarded to the Fund Manager for a full assessment. Further information may be requested at this stage.

3. As part of the assessment process your application may also be shared with and viewed by partners with expertise and experience relevant to the project proposal. This will help to inform the decision making and assessment process.

4. If your project meets criteria and eligibility requirements, the project will obtain approval for +Extra funding on Friday 24th May 2024.

Your project must receive pledges from a minimum of 25 unique Supporters.To verify whether Supporters are unique we will take account of information including, but not limited to: name, address, email addresses and payment card used.

Before a pledge payment can be approved and released to your organisation all checks will need to be completed (policies, insurances, terms and conditions/grant agreement signed).

Before a pledge can be released the full project fundraising target must be reached and the Grant Acceptance Letter is signed by the organisation.

Live match funding

For projects that are live and approved for funding from East Sussex , donations from the public will be matched between 27 May 2024 and 30 June 2024 or until the available funding has been fully allocated, whichever comes first.

The following criteria applies to live match funding:

a) All Pledges made by supporters will be matched pound for pound up to £250. This means that if a Project receives a Pledge of £50, East Sussex County Council will donate £50. If a Project receives a Pledge of £500, East Sussex County Council will donate £250.

b) The maximum live match funding a Project can receive from East Sussex County Council is the lower of £2,500 or 50% of your target.

c) Live match funding will be given on the first pledge made to a Project by a supporter.  

d) Projects must reach their project target by the end of their initial fundraising period to receive live match funding. If the project fails to reach 100% of the target the live match funding will be cancelled.

e) Pledges will not be matched where a project is “always on”

f) Your project must meet the number of unique backers specified above..

g) The following Pledges will not be matched:

i) Pledges made before a Project is accepted to participate in the Fund or after a Project’s initial fundraising period ends.

ii) Second (2nd) and any subsequent (3rd, 4th, etc) pledges to the same Project by the same supporter.

iii) Pledges made by Organisations to their own Projects. 

h) The live match fund will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Being approved for match funding does not guarantee you will receive any live match funding.

i) Live match funds will count towards your Project’s target.

Monitoring and Evaluation

If your Community Wellbeing fund application is successful you will be required to complete an end of project report to confirm how the funds were spent and what you achieved. This will help inform learning for future projects and funding, as well as support other organisations that may have developed similar projects and ideas.

The Fund Manager reserves the right to request invoices or receipts to evidence that match funding has been spent for the purposes intended. For the same reason, the Fund Manager reserves the right to audit project delivery.

Please ensure that no personal information of beneficiaries is included in the monitoring
and evaluation returns.

What we will not fund

We will not make pledges to projects that:

● Only benefit one individual

● Do not promote community cohesion

● Are managed by groups that have had a previous grant which has not been managed satisfactorily

● Are raising funds for works or equipment already committed, bought or completed

● Solely benefit people who live outside of East Sussex

● Include unspecified expenditure (e.g. a campaign with flexible funding)

● Overtly or exclusively promote a political agenda

● Overtly or exclusively promote a religious agenda

● Loans or interest payments

● Purchase of alcohol or illegal substances

Unsuccessful Applications

If your Community Wellbeing Fund application is not successful you will be provided with feedback explaining to the reason why.

Organisations will be advised to consider the feedback carefully before deciding whether to apply again. The Fund Manager will suggest the organisation only applies again for the same project if they can make a much stronger case.