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Up to £1,000 of £20,000 fund

As part of The Deal, Wigan Council is supporting innovative projects that help make the borough a great place to live, work and visit.

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Crowdfund Wigan Borough

We're giving away £1,000 extra funding to ideas making a real difference in Wigan Borough.

Wigan Council is offering an exciting opportunity by match funding innovative projects, large or small, that help the people of Wigan borough and solve some of our biggest social problems.

This funding forms part of The Deal, an informal contract between the council and residents that includes a commitment to work together to make Wigan Borough a better place.

Check the funding criteria to see if your project could be eligible for up to £1,000 or 50% of your funding target. Any pledge made by Wigan Council will be released only if the full fundraising target has been reached.

Want to learn how to crowdfund? Join our next series of online workshops for projects in Wigan.

The Deal is an informal agreement between the council and everyone who lives or works here to work together to create a better borough.                     

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Projects supported by Wigan Council

Beyond wigan pier image

Beyond Wigan Pier Greater Manchester

Help us take on the West End! The world's first community musical written by , performed by and starring Wiganers- "Beyond Wigan Pier!"

  • 23 supporters
  • £2.6k raised
  • 51 days left
Wigan live banners image

Wigan Live Banners Greater Manchester

We would love some banners to go in each of our venues £1000 will help with our aim to promote Wigans best talent and venues.

  • £1k target
  • 19 days left
Skils style studio image

SKILS Style Studio Greater Manchester

We are creating a real life working environment and would love to have all the equipment to make this as real as possible!

Successfully overfunded

  • 14 supporters
  • £685 raised
  • 35 days
Community cafe image

Community Cafe Greater Manchester

Our project aim is to set up a no frills, community cafe. Uniting young, old and disadvantaged individuals.

Successfully funded

  • 20 supporters
  • £2k raised
  • 49 days

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