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Crowdfund Staffordshire is a new way to bring people with great ideas and supporters together to get great projects off the ground. 

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It’s all about making good things happen in our communities.

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Unlock extra funding from Staffordshire County Council 

If your project could help vulnerable children and families, you could receive an extra £5,000 towards your target. Find out if your project is eligible for further funding or apply here.

Crowdfunding projects in Staffordshire

Xlm tamworth mentoring project image

XLM Tamworth Mentoring Project Staffordshire

XLM Tamworth Mentoring Project helps young people to realise their potential and helps them to find a “Positive Future for their Lives."

  • 4 supporters
  • £1.6k raised
  • 20 days left
#itwasntme image

#ItWasntMe Worcestershire

I am staging a brand new play that has been written especially for me by award winning script writer, Terry Newman.

  • 1 supporter
  • £10 raised
  • 0 days left
Huntington memorial garden image

Huntington Memorial Garden Staffordshire

We want to move our large mining wheel back onto the old pit site to create a monument for ex Littleton Miners and local fallen war heroes.

  • 45 supporters
  • £1.9k raised
  • 49 days
Litterbugs plastics image

Litterbugs Plastics Staffordshire

Litterbugs Plastics is a project that turns plastic waste and litter into useful and reusable everyday items for the community. 

  • 6 supporters
  • £1.2k raised
  • 56 days

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