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£85,000 Community Share Starter Fund: up to £6,000

Up to £6,000 of extra funding for community groups based in England planning to set up a community business such as a pub, shop, leisure centres.

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Power to Change

Up to £6,000 for community groups setting up a community business.

Get started on your community share issue

Are you part of a group which has a plan to set up a community business such as a pub, shop, woodland, community centre, energy project or sports facility? Do you need to undertake a community share issue to raise the money to make it happen? Then this fund is for you.

This fund will help pay for the crucial things like building surveys, producing and printing share offer documents, getting legally registered and so on. It will also help you start the crucial work of engaging your potential investors, by testing the water before diving in to the work needed to launch a share offer.

We can match fund at 50% (potentially more in deprived areas) of what you need to get your share offer up and running, to a maximum of £6,000, as long as you can raise the rest through crowdfunding.

If you would like to start crowdfunding, you can take the first step by hitting the button below.

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