Funds needed urgently for Pipe Organ Project

by Miss Fiona D Pacquette in London, England, United Kingdom

Funds needed urgently for Pipe Organ Project
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Funds required urgently to help with costs to complete this organ project for the East London School of Music in Hackney (London)

by Miss Fiona D Pacquette in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Fiona D Pacquette and I manage the East London School of Music in Hackney (London) We have been going for 3 years so far, it is open to anyone from 5 years and upwards who wants to learn how to play an instrument, sing or compose. We would like to reach out to those in the community who cannot afford music lessons but would still learn a musical skill. We currently teach piano, voice, theory, flute, violin, sax and classical/acoustic guitar.

Recently, the school has been very privileged to acquire an additional instrument added - the "Nelson" Organ which was transported all the way from Catchgate, County Durham to East London by a very kind and helpful organ builder. It needed to go to a new home and I recommended our music school because we already have 6 organ students (beginners) who are learning hymn technique. We urgently require additional funds to help us cover the costs to complete the organ build (completion date before 22nd December 2018). As you can see in the pictures, this is a very big project.

The school plans to have a Free Grand Opening Concert Spring of 2019 open to everyone, with a few selected organists to perform organ pieces. We plan to invite the local Mayor of Hackney, other dignitaries and the wider community. This will give more exposure to the school and the new organ. But this will only happen support in helping us complete this project. The students at the East London School of Music will be most grateful.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Special Lunch at ELSOM

To say a big thank you for your pledge, you will be treated to a special lunch at ELSOM (East London School of Music) by one of our fantastic cooks and meet the students and staff! This will be on a Sunday.

£50 or more

Nelson Pipe Organ Grand Opening

Invitation to the next East London School of Music Evening Concert & Inauguration of the Pipe Organ. Special refreshments will be laid out for you!

Let's make 'Funds needed urgently for Pipe Organ Project' happen