Fundraising For Kabbubu

Fundraising For Kabbubu

Working directly with the village community to help with their determination to become self-sufficient, creating a brighter future.

We did it!

On 18th Nov 2015 we successfully raised £480 with 14 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

"Working directly with the village community to help with their determination to become self-sufficient and have a brighter future."

Crowdfunder is helping me finance my trip out to Kabbubu, as part of a group working with the local charity 'The Quicken Trust'; please read on to find out about it all!

What's the aim of the Fundraising?

We want to raise money for projects happening in the rural village of Kabbubu in Uganda. The donations would help provide the community with the provisions they lack, and to help with training. This training would enable the villagers to sustain the projects began, in order to help themselves attain a brighter future.

Why do I care about this?

I believe that the local charity we are working with (The Quicken Trust), has an incredible attitude towards helping those in the village. They have been working closely with the Community in Kabbubu since 1999, and have forged strong relationships with the villagers. This enables them to work together to determine what it is they actually need. The help is then specific to the problem- helping them to aspire and achieve their own aims.

More on the Quicken Trust Projects

The Quicken Trust built a primary school in 2002, that now teaches over 400 children. Their work has been hugely beneficial to the Village Community; in Uganda only 14% of students complete their education. In Kabbubu the figure is 89%! The money you dontate could sponsor a child to go through their education.

Your money could also go towards paying the staff in the Kabbubu Parish Health Centre. The Centre is vital to the community as it transforms the lives of the AIDS, Malaria and poverty victims in the village - the centre treats around 18,000 people a year. 

Here are some more projects that your donations could help fund and continue: 

  • Foster Home for twenty Orphaned children in the Village - Mostly from HIV or AIDS deaths. 
  • The training for farmers to improve skills, increase crop quantity and improve quality of life for themselves and their animals.
  • Provide building materials for badly needed waterproof homes, for poverty striken families.
  •  Building materials for toilets - improving the sanitation of villagers.
  • New fresh water supplies- new wells and containers.

[ More information can be found on the Quicken Trust Website: ]

How will the money be spent?

The first £350 will be given to the Quicken Trust charity who will work together with the community to determine what is the next vital project needed in the village. For example the donations might go towards new blankets and cots for the newborn babies in the village maternity ward. Or the donations could provide some more equipment that is needed at either the junior school, or senior school. 

To be able to go out to Kabbubu, I have to raise £800 for my personal expenses. This figure includes the return flight to Uganda, insurance whilst out there, medical prodejures before i.e Vaccinations and malaria tablets, transport and accomadation (The accomodation is run by the Community as a previous "project").  If you would like to pay for anything specific i.e my Vaccinations or visa, please write a comment or send an email to it would be most appreciated!!

Any extra money that is raised will either be added to the £350 for the Quicken Trust or for items for the villagers that I will persoanlly take out. I would like to be able to purchase items for the children in the village like art equipment: pencils, crayons etc... that they wouldn't have access to before. Other items like toothbrushes, soaps, sanitary equipment would also be bought with any extra money. Any suggestions or material that you would like to make/donate would be very appreciated; please just leave a comment on the page or send an email to . 

When will supporters see the difference?

Completed projects, and future projects can be seen displayed on the Quicken Trust website. Photo galleries are there also, showing the new buildings, classrooms and local people! Updates on what money has been raised, who has donated and more events will be posted on this page regularily. To keep updated visit my Facebook page too: .

Please if you believe in what I am doing, share the page and spread the word - a massive thank you for your time!


Thank you so much again, 



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Here are some more photos taken in Kabbubu.


Singing at Church




Sibling Love at the Kabbubu Parish Health Centre




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