Fundraising for Fiji Volunteering

Fundraising for Fiji Volunteering

Fundraising for a volunteering project in Fiji where I will be living with a host family - teaching English, help reconstruct schools etc.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


my name is Daniel Brindle, I am a 21 year old student at Nottingham University and I am raising money to help fund a volunteering trip to Fiji.

Vesabroad is an organisation that has offered me an opportunity to help provide remote villages access to fresh water, restore local school buildings and equipment, construct rain water catchment tanks and teach English to primary school children whilst staying with a host family in a local village. 

The money will go towards providing me the opportunity to achieve the above as well as accommodation expenses.  Anything additional will go towards VESAbroad initiatives. 

I am willing to work with likeminded individuals/businesses, for example getting sponsored x amount by a business and then wearing shirts out there with the business logo on. 

I will fundraise for a challenge in the future months, this is simply to get the ball rolling with a couple £ here or there. 

Any donation is very much appreciated, thank you in advance for supporting a journey of a lifetime.