Fundraising for Educational institution

Fundraising for Educational institution

Raising funds to establish 'Read International' - an educational institute to educate the children of Pakistan in Lahore/Rawalpindi.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This project is aiming to raise funds for 'Read International Pakistan' - an educational institute that is going to be opened up soon in Pakistan to provide world-class education to the young generation of Pakistanis.

This is a project started by an IT expert who is currently residing in the UK and who would like the help of the community to get the right investment to establish something long-term, beneficial which will provide international standard education for children in Pakistan.

The aim is to harness the talent(provide them education based on UK curriculum) so we can produce word class leaders of tomorrow. This innovative school will provide top class education based on an established school system in UK, with outstanding teaching faculty, providing healthy extra curricular activities to the children.

The First phase of this project would require an initial investment of 10,000 pounds.