Fundraiser for Graduation Film - "Contention"

by Leah Clarke in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Fundraiser for Graduation Film - "Contention"


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We are crowdfunding for a social realism drama film in short form, with a feminist narrative that has themes of morality and resignation.

by Leah Clarke in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone!

We are a group of third year film students at Norwich University of the Arts who have formed a crew to make a short film, which is an social realism drama called "Contention". With your help, we can make a short drama film to be proud of.

In a sentence, the film is about a young couple’s relationship being tested as they wait to see if she’s pregnant, it becomes clear that they are both hoping for different results.

We are crowdfunding to help cover production expenses like transport/accommodation for actors and the production design costs. We understand that this is a difficult time for a lot of people, especially financially, so we would be very grateful for donations of any amount you can spare.

With everything that is going on in the world right now, we are aware that we must ensure that our set is Covid-safe. We will be following government advice and guidelines to ensure the safety of the actors and our crew, especially regarding the wearing of masks by crew and social distancing. In addition to this, we will have a Covid supervisor on set.

Everyone who donates will be added to the credits of the film as a thank you.

Thank you!

More About the Crew

LEAH CLARKE: Writer/Director

I have always had a passion for writing and directing, especially when in the social realism drama genre. This film is very important to me as I feel that it embodies everything that I love about drama films; the building of tension, the small moments of joy that occur in a bleak situation, the character's voice and speaking on controversial issues that need talking about. Writing the script for this film has been a great experience and a chance to hone in on skills, I am confident that I can bring the same drive and enthusiasm to directing it. I have an amazing crew and I am certain that we will make something that we are all very proud of.


As a film producer I supervise the entire creation of the production and I understand how stories work and why viewers are so prone to listening and telling them. Observation, inspiration and determination are my foundation for success. These three things will help achieve success for this film alongside my progressive professional scheduling experience.

OLIVER CHAPMAN: Cinematographer/D.O.P

As the Director of Photography, I capture the world created and frame it to convey different emotions and meanings for an audience to engage with. Through use of lighting, lensing and positioning; reality can be whatever i want it to be. This film is a slice of life, and through this small segment I want the audience to connect with our characters and empathise with them.

JENNY JACKSON-DODD: Production Designer

As a production designer I create a world that the audience believes in. I take a deep dive into the essence of the characters and explore ways to show individual traits or themes through the elements of costume and set. For this film in particular I think subtlety is key; if someone were to pause the frame, I would want them to be able to find hidden meanings behind objects, colours and aspects of their costume - I am excited to bring this project to life.

LAURA DWYER: Sound Designer/Editor

I believe the work of the filmmaker is to create emotive content and to be finding and telling real stories. My interest in Drama film has given me an appreciation for the way film can be used as a form of representation of real-life and as a medium can be used to reflect other people’s situation and allows other audiences to interact with that. This is something I will bring in to how I will approach this film, working on a variety of projects has made me realise sound design and editing as its own entity and I want to develop my skills in enhancing this mindset.

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