Funding university for Francis

by Jolene in Newick, England, United Kingdom

Funding university for Francis
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To support this young man to stay in university in Tanzania

by Jolene in Newick, England, United Kingdom

Francis is an incredible young man whom my family met in Tanzania. 

His life has seen him do all he can to study in order to improve his life and well being. 

There are many television programs about the poverty in Africa, but what is not often shown are the very ordinary plights - this young, incredibly intelligent man - who has worked so hard to get to university, may soon have to leave - simply because he can not afford the cost of the university accommodation. 

It is not often, that we as human beings get the chance to improve someone’s life - let’s see what we can do TODAY. 

Let's make 'Funding university for Francis' happen