Funding University Fees Year One

Funding University Fees Year One

I am trying to raise funds for my First year of Universty fees for the course BSc Sound Engineering at Cardiff University.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a 35 year old father of 2, George (7) and Molly (6). I have a wonderful and supportive wife Kelly who has encouraged my crazy idea to go to University. I am a singer/songwriter and all round creative guy and have always had a massive passion for music and more importantly recording and production. In the past I was unable to follow my heart and attend a course in the field I belonged and ended up applying for a Primary Teaching course. This however was not for me and after a few months I changed course to Graphic Design, trying to address my creativity and still end up with a potentially good "career" upon completion. This however never came to fruition. My parents seperated towards the end my second year and I returned home to help support my Mother and younger brother.

During years in hospitality, retail and currently Admin, I have always had a passion for music coursing through my blood. Ask anyone who knows me and they will say the same. So here now with my amazing wife I am returning to study but have hit some what of a hill to over come. Student finance will only support my fees for the final year of study due to me receiving funding for a previous course, this means I need to not only support my young, home-educated family for 3 years on a part time income, but now need to find £9000 per year for University fees. We also have the difficulty of finding a kind landlord who is able to accomodate a low income, benefit claiming, student family with a dog in Cardiff but that's a problem for another time.

Why University now? I want to not only in future have the opportunity and ability to help and inspire new and established musicians but also to hopefully inspire my children. I want them to know that no matter how old or young you are, if you have a passion for something you should go out and do it/get it. This is something ever so important to me and I never want them to feel like they cannot do something, especially en obstacles appear in their way.

So what can I offer donors in return for help? Well as I said I am very creative and I enjoy dabbling with painting every now and then. Over the years I have done a number of paintings for both myself and others and feel that maybe that is something that may interest people.

I generally paint in 2 and sometimes 3 colours (Acrylic on canvas) and do portraits of people I know and famous people. Basically if you have a photo I can generally knock something up.

I have painted Steve McQueen, Dave Grohl, Madonna, Laurel and Hardy, Marlon Brando and many more (see pics). So for each donation of £100+ I offer a custom 2 colour acrylic on canvas approx size 20"x27" (colours etc can be discussed if successful) donations of £50-£100 I offer a custom 2 colour acrylic on canvas approx size 10"x12". Any other donations would be greatly appreciated and maybe if you would like a smaller canvas that could be arranged.

All donations are gratefully and respectfully received and I thank everyone for their time in even viewing this and supporting my journey.

Love to all.