Funding To Launch My First App

Funding To Launch My First App

I aim to raise funds to pay off my developer funds then marketing to launch my first app. This app has already been created and finished.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have had my own app created using an emoji template, I've had the developer create the app. The developer took 4 weeks to create the app I have paid 20% deposit for the work to start I had the funds to finish the app however life struggles happened I've had to move out the house I was staying in and find a new place meaning pay for deposit. I also encountered other unplanned costs. This funding will help me pay off my developer and use instagram influencers whose followers are real to market my app. I have already contacted these instagram pages which I will use to market I have seeked out 5 and used sites such as socialblade to see if their followers are real.  

There is currently a $557 bill left I have to pay the developer and another $347 to make additional improvements which will be shown. This together is $904 (£703) the rest (£297) will be used for marketing on instagram page with over 1 million followers and I will also use facebook ads for installs. 

This app is currently finished and ready to launch once I've paid the developer. 

If you invest over £50 I will teach you how to look for reliable bug free templates to make your own app with and anything else you may need to know.

If you invest over £100 I will give you my emoji template you can also use my developer or I'll teach you how to go to freelance sites and seek great freelancers with a great portfolio to make your app.