Funding To Get our Daughter out of Foster Care.

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Funding To Get our Daughter out of Foster Care.

Hello everyone and thank you for looking. My ex-wife and I are trying to raise funds to go to court and get our daughter back from care.

We did it!

On 2nd Jan 2018 we successfully raised £29 with 3 supporters in 56 days

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this.

My ex-wife and I are going to court to fight our local child services in order to get our beautiful daughter back from foster care. She was taken against our will in 2015 and we both miss her dreadfully as any loving parent will understand.

Before she was taken (aged 12) she was a happy little girl, doing very well at school having just passed the 11+ to win herself a place at a local grammar school. She was speaking two languages fluently and spent a lot of time with myself and her mum. I am self employed and she often worked weekends with me, before school we were together 24/7.

When she was taken my ex-wife and I were given a list of things we needed to do in order for her to be returned. Well all this has been done and they are still refusing to return her.

Since entering care she has started cutting herself, her school work is failing as she is not encouraged to study correctly and is having to see two extra curricular tutors. She is not allowed to use her second language in case she is using it to speak to her mum during contact about things she is not allowed to discuss, and as a result she has lost this incredible gift completely. 

I have not seen her, spoken to her or had any other sort of communication with her for over two years now. She will not even accept a birthday card from me! I write her a letter at least once a week and buy her presents for every Christmas birthday etc. These go in a box for her so that when I see her again, or if anything happens to me, she will know that her dad loves her and did not forget her.

Her mum is allowed to see her for only a couple of hours a month!

We have tried every avenue available, I have written to MP's and begged solicitors and barristers to do 'pro bono' work on the case for us.

So much precious time has been stolen from us and we are absolutely desperate to have her back

We cannot get legal aid and this is really our last hope to save her.

Thank you.............

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