Funding Leavers of London

Funding  Leavers of London

Funding the administration costs of the Leavers of London - a group to promote positive perception of people who voted leave in London.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Following on from the UK’s historic EU referendum vote to leave the EU, the divide between leavers and remainers has been steadily growing. It has tested friendships, relationships and workplace cohesion.

I am hoping to raise of a small amount of money to fund a monthly meetup group where like-minded people who voted Leave in the EU referendum - left and right leaning, can come together to:

  • share personal experiences from voting Leave

  • represent the Leave vote in London in a positive light

  • reform the perception of Leave voters and build a positive case for the UK’s future outside of the EU

  • Discuss and implement ideas for how the UK can use the referendum result to build a more equal and inclusive society

The money raised will be used to fund the administration costs of running this group. Any extra raised will be used for special events and guest speakers.