Funding of new model making equipment

by Mark Hornsby in Piercebridge, England, United Kingdom

Funding of new model making equipment


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To be able to replace some old equipment and buy new equipment which will help me to continue making models.

by Mark Hornsby in Piercebridge, England, United Kingdom

I started making models on a more permanent basis in early 2018 after becoming ill in late 2016 with a brain illness. My illness is called a Functional Neurological Disorder and it is a problem with the functioning of the nervous system and how the brain and body send and receive signals. It has left my in chronic pain with muscle pain, cramps and hypersensitivity in my legs, impaired balance and limited signals to my legs and the more fatigued and tired I become the more the signals start to fade resulting in the loss of movement of my legs. This is a debilitating illness but my model making gives me something to focus on and gives me a sense of purpose and I feel I can be constructive and use my models to educate both children and adults alike on the structures and battles that shaped the history of the UK.

The models I make are used for educational purposes, and used around schools, museums, or for charities or trusts and gives these organisations and groups the prospect of owning a model that normally costs thousands of pounds from other model makers for sometimes as little as a hundred pounds. So how can I afford to build these models for so little, and the reason is I only charge for any out of pocket expenses the cost of the materials and I have been given very generous discounts from B&Q, War World Scenics, Baccus 6mm, Pendraken Miniatures, and Warlord Games to name a few and very generous trade accounts from Javis Manufacturing and Creative Models, these very kind companies enable me to keep costs low and giving the recipient of the model a fantastic model for very little and I never charge for the time it takes to build any model. Obviously in this day and age where schools and museums are struggling to get funding, any savings I can get are passed onto them and cuts the costs down even more. I refuse to make models for commercial use or for businesses. I have already completed one model with partial funding from the organisation River Tees Rediscovered which details the Battle of Piercebridge fought 1st December 1642 and have a nearly built model of the Roman Bridge that crossed the River Tees at Piercebridge and again partially funded by River Tees Rediscovered and have 3 models either partially built or ready to start detailing the 3 battles fought in the Tees Valley during the English Civil War for the Battlefields Trust North East and Borders Region South, and a partially built model for the Parish Church Committee for Grafton Regis detailing the Siege of Grafton House during the English Civil War in December 1643.

What I am looking to fund is the cost of replacing some of my old equipment and adding in some new equipment. These items will help in enabling costs to be kept low and again these can be passed on to the recipient of the model. I am looking to replace my aging scroll saw and add a new 3D printer for printing some of the detailed models I require such as figures and buildings. I also need to add some new hand tools and as well as some more modelling materials as a backup for those that cant fund the total cost of a model. Please do note, I have never made profit from any of the models I make, and usually fund a large proportion of the cost of the models from my own pocket leaving me with nothing to upgrade or expand my equipment, hence I have set up a crowdfunder to help me buy these. 

These models are such an important aspect to learning about history and with your help I can continue to provide these valuable tools for learning. I hope you can all help in some way. I have also set up a PayPal account for those who wish to donate as little as £1. If you want to just donate a £1 please make a payment to

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