Funding my Syrian refugee internship with the UN

Funding my Syrian refugee internship with the UN

I am a Postgraduate University student from King's College London looking for help to fund my thesis in on the Syrian displacement crisis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dear Crowd Funding audience,

I am a Postgraduate University student from King's College London, UK. As the final chapter to my MSc degree I will undertake a thesis project; a 10,000 word academic piece of writing. I have actively pursued undertaking this study project with an organisation to allow for a greater learning experience. I am honoured to have been confirmed a position to study with The United Nations Environment team.

My study will focus on the climate change-conflict-development nexus that year-on-year heightens the pressures and stresses on everyday living. I will address how The UN Family and Partner Organisations can deliver climate change adaptation strategies effectively to displaced Syrian refugees in the context of ongoing conflict.

I will be based out of Bahrain for a 10 week period between May-July 2017. Understandably this internship in unpaid and thus my reasoning for reaching out to you guys! I really feel that this study can, and will, benefit the future of displaced persons fighting the harsh adversities of climate change and conflict; a wicked problem.

I have secured my flights and week one accommodation through, but this is where I am turning to you. I am asking for contibutions to my in-country costs  (in-country travel to meetings, accommodation, food, etc.) to attend meetings with stakeholders and accademics within the climate change-conflict-displacement nexus. Financial contributions would be hugely appreciated, and hopefully through my regularly updated study blog over the 10 study weeks, these donations will be repaid through real time learning.

Thank you for reading this far regardless and I hope you see a value in such work.

Kind regards,

Richard Heap

Hopeful MSc Disasters, Adaptation & Development graduate to be!