Raising #MochamentKCL (Chevening Reserve 2019-20)

by Mochament in London, England, United Kingdom

Raising #MochamentKCL (Chevening Reserve 2019-20)


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Derived from a low-class. My difficulties motivated me. Crowdfund my studies at King's College London.

by Mochament in London, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to my campaign!!

I need your help to pursue my dream's postgraduate degree in War Studies. I have firmed an unconditional offer from the leading War Studies' Department at King's College London. This degree will equip me with profound scientific knowledge in security studies. Also will help me employ my knowledge contributing widely to science and support marginalised groups.

Who am I?

My name is Mochament and I am a greek Political Scientist. I graduated from the Department of Political Science and History at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, achieving a 1st class degree. During my studies, I worked extremely hard to forge my (inherently limited) social cycle. With perseverance and tenacity I succeeded to publish my work in authoritative greek websites regarding diplomacy, warfare and international developments. My academic performance led me to secure an internship at the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I served for nine months at the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs while securing a second one at the Hellenic Embassy in Hungary.

When I was 18 years old, I took the initiative to contact greek channels. Thus, I participated in public engagements in the Greek Tv with prominent politicians such as the Minister of Defence, the Opposition Leader and the Vice-President of the Greek Government. Currently, I am placed amongst the top 3% on Academia.com holding two references on Wikipedia.


In the last year of my studies, I conducted extensive research regarding the legal and political framework of the Greek armed forces as well as the military of the UK, the US, France and Italy. I wrote a 140-page study based on primary research, codifying the legal framework and the administration of the Greek armed forces. My bachelor thesis (140 pages) achieved a 'Distinction'. Thereby, I secured two articles on peer-review journals in Greece, and another one in the official magazine of the Hellenic AirForce. 

Also, I have attended over 35 conferences while I gave an academic lecture in the University of the Aegean for the Annual Conference for contemporary conflicts (MARE NOSTRUM).

Social Background

Related to my social background, I derive from a financially low-class household. My father is Greek and my mother Egyptian, therefore, I am bilingual both in Greek and Arabic. Due to the austerity and the severe economic recession which prevails in Greece, regretfully my father is not able to sponsor my postgraduate studies.

My Vision

 Despite my family's origin as well as my unstable financial situation, I tried to contrast evading these heinous circumstances. I am an ambitious character and have a feasible vision for my country and the international community. My vision is to serve the international scientific community in the mission to sustain a peaceful world. A world that, for the next generations, would respect fundamental values such as good faith.

Having a high sense of social responsibility, aside from my studies, I intend to set up a British-Hellenic organisation that will reflect the contemporary dilemmas, propose realistic solutions which could improve international relations and people's bonds, stabilise diplomacy and promote the virtues of good faith.

My organisation will not only offer profound knowledge regarding international developments but will also support, financially, students and P.h.D candidates who derive from overlooked social classes, financial backgrounds, minorities and individuals with realistic visions and leadership potential. Chiefly, individuals who will develop a plan which would inspire their societies and rebuild public trust while promoting values such as solidarity, reliability and ethical integrity.

Why War Studies?

Through my research, I aspire to prove that as humankind we could improve our relationships and make better decisions, suggesting legitimate discussion rather than conflicts. My research not only includes the theoretical approach of Warfare but also consists of profound observations and realistic propositions. I always aim at giving logical solutions based on my experience and critical thinking. 

For those who doubt concerning the importance of War: Being aware of the assumption that major human inventions (internet, Nuclear energy) have incepted through the warfare process, we can easily discern the significance of this field. I do believe whether we want to improve this world, we should commence reflecting and delve into the grounds of modern conflicts.

I suggest Warfare as a civilisation phenomenon which has constituted the base of ancient civilisations and great empires, say, history of the world.

Why I need your support?

I am making a tremendous effort to secure that I will be attending the War Studies MA without financial difficulties. I had applied for the prestigious Chevening Scholarship 2019-2020. It is my honour to be a reserve scholar, attending an interview at the HM British Residence in Athens. Regretfully, only one award was available for this remarkable scholarship.

Living in London is a costly endeavour. Thanks to your donation I will be able to cover -at least- my university's costs. Although 15,000 Pounds are not a sufficient amount for studies in London, I am planning to live tidily, and to some extent austerely, avoiding unnecessary expenses. With this amount, I am planning to cover the tuition fees, part of my living costs and my dissertation.

I intend to redeem your support contributing widely to science as well as the international community.

In case someone wondering why to fund me rather than others the answer is: 

'I am not a regular student. I have a vision for my society, your society and mainly aspire to build a better world for our descendants, proposing tangible solutions for the contemporaries. Therefore, I can sincerely assure you, your highly respectful investment will be correctly employed for the prosperity of this world.'

Last but not least...

  • Today I am making an agreement with you. 

  • I believe in perseverance and persistance. 

  • I have never gave in and will never give up.

I firmly believe our social, ethnic and religious background, our gender, our nationality and our appearance do not stipulate our personal or professional trajectory. On the contrary, we should find the courage and convince ourselves: 

Regardless of our family's background, hard effort, faith, determination and dedication is the perfect key to achieve our goals. Do not let anyone to shape your life. Take your life in your hand and shape your fate and a successful trajectory.

-My inspiration: ''I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat'' Winston Churchill

Any donation is highly appreciated!

Please help me and share my campaign!!

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