Funding my master in Fine arts

by Sara Rainoldi in London, England, United Kingdom

Funding my master in Fine arts


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I am raising money to pay my Master in fine arts (MFA) at University of London.

by Sara Rainoldi in London, England, United Kingdom


-My name is Sara Rainoldi, I just graduated from university with a degree in Fine Art BA (Hons), (A+ on my thesis) in Buenos Aires, Argentina at (U.N.A) Universidad Nacional de las artes.
This fall I will be starting my Master in Fine arts (MFA) at Goldsmiths.

-The programme is 2 year full-time and starts on September 2019 and finishes in June 2021. I am a nerd so I will be completely into my studies so that I can get the best grades and learn as much as possible so to become the artist I have always dreamt of being.
As the master is "full time", meaning that I won’t be able to work, and when I have free time I want to be %100 into my studies, so no parties and work. Just study.

-Due to the exchange of my currency respect to GBP ( for £1 I need$60 pesos argentinos. So you can notice that it is extremely difficult to save all that money to pay my studies and live in London.
This means: I would need $2.134.400 (pesos argentinos) to pay the initial part (studies and accommodation).

This is why I truly ask for help from the bottom of my heart.

This is my dream and I do not see myself doing another thing that is not painting and creating. Once the master in fine arts finishes I want to be a full-time artist.

- The programme costs:

-Total course: £ 20.240 (£10.120 each year)

-Accommodation: £19.380
(£190 a week (51 weeks) : £9.690 each year)

The thing is:
This master is the most important moment of my whole career and life. I have always dreamt to come to London once I finished University and being accepted at Goldsmiths was a lifetime achievement.

I worked extremely hard for the past year and a half on my application. The day I got accepted was the most beautiful day of my life because I was recognized by one of the most prestigious universities of the world to study art and follow my dreams.

A little bit more about me:
Since I finished high school I always been looking for opportunities to learn from the greatest artists. I have worked with many talented artists and fashion brands.
Since the start of my career, I have always been interested in getting to know the art world in depth, but most important, I always wanted to be part of it. By this, while still studying at university, I worked with many prestigious and talented people. My first outstanding achievement was when I worked as an assistant for Cia Guo-Quiang when he came to Argentina in 2013 to show his work at PROA museum. The following year, by recommendation of my university teachers, I assisted Argentinian artist Duilio Pierri in his studio. Also in 2014 I participated in a group exhibition called “Verbe of abstraction” at Agora Gallery, in New York.
In 2015, I made the illustrations for the spring/summer campaign of Vanesa Krongold. Moreover, I was involved in the making of the front cover of Spanish magazine: Vein Magazine, and I also collaborated with Flair Magazine in Italy. My biggest accomplishment of the year was I design a pattern for Gucci and they bought the rights so to use it for their upcoming collections.
In 2016, I took part in a group exhibition at San Martin theatre. In the same year I collaborated again with fashion designer Vanesa Krongold for whom I designed the patterns for the summer collection which was shown at Berlin Fashion Week. Furthermore, I continued collaborating with different magazines such as Regia Magazine, Ay Magazine, and so on.
In 2017, I painted six handbags for Vanesa Krongold which were sold at her store in Buenos Aires, and I also did the art direction for her spring/summer lookbook, Moreover, I worked as an art director with Argentinian filmmaker: Martin Piroyanski, who asked me to help him with the creative ideas for a band video clip he was producing, and I also did the sets for Vanesa Krongold fashion show in collaboration with Campari.
As I am a person who is constantly searching for options to learn and work, I am completely sure that having the opportunity to study in the UK will help me develop as a creative and become the full-time fine artist I always dreamt of being. As I am a restless person, I am always exploring and looking for opportunities to learn, work, and show my creations. I do not want to be just a student, I want to pay attention to everything my teachers tell me so that I can grow as a painter. All the works I have made throughout these years, taught me how the world works, but specially how to communicate with every company and institution. In London, there are people from all over the world, and this will give me the chance to absorb from different cultures and apply it to my future works. I find this very enriching and I feel that everything that I will learn at Goldsmiths, plus everything I have learnt from my university back in Buenos Aires will give me the tools to work in a very competitive world and be my better self.


-2012-2018: BA(hons) Fine Arts, Universidad Nacional de Arte (U.N.A), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
-2019-2021 MFA Goldsmiths (Starting this fall)
English: Bilingual (Advanced)
Spanish: Native
-Centro Cultural San Martin “Proyecto inicial” Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015
-Agora Gallery: “Verbe of abstraction” New York, 2013
-VEIN Magazine: No.4, 2015, page 86 “Sara Rainoldi: Amor acrilico”.
-Flair Magazine: Issue 16, 2015 “Issa Lish by Roe Etheridge”
-Regia Magazine: No.32, 2016 “Queen of minstrels”
-Ay! Magazine: No.8, 2016 “Orbiting the imaginary”
My role was to make a special design for the brand upon the request of the owner of the brand.
-2017 ART DIRECTION & ART OBJECTS DESIGN: Vanesa Krongold’s SS18 lookbook.
I directed the art of the look book and made art objects which were combined with the clothes of the collection.
-2017 FASHION PAINTER DESIGNER: I collaborated with Vanesa Krongold and painted on leather bags which were later sold on the store.
-2017 STAGE DESIGN AND ART DIRECTION: Vanesa Krongold’s fashion show in collaboration with Campari ("Fashion Happy Hour” event)
My role was to make the art direction of the stand where Vanesa showed her clothing line. I created a sculpture/installation which was the main figure of the runway in which the models walked and posed.
-2017 ART DIRECTION: Videoclip “Lluvia” (Disque band) directed by Martin Piroyansky.
My role was to suggest artistic ideas to the director for him to include in the video. During the filming I controlled the art direction and I helped to put up the settings.
-2016 PATTERN DESIGN: Vanesa Krongold’s SS 2017 collection showed in Berlin fashion week.
I design the patterns of the collection.
-2015 PATTERN DESIGN: Gucci: ”Gucci Gram Project”
Alessandro Michele, designer of Gucci, selected me to reinterpretare the Gucci Blooms print and then was published on their website as part of the “Gucci Gram Project”. Then Gucci bought me the image rights
-2015 CAMPAIGN ILLUSTRATOR: Vanesa Krongold’s FW16 campaign
-2014 ARTIST ASSISTANT: Argentinean artist Duilio Pierri
My university painting teachers suggested me as an assistant and while working with Duilio I would help him finish his paintings on time and organized all the events he had to do.
-2013 MUSEUM (PROA) ASSISTANT: during the production of Cia Guo-Quiang exhibition.
I helped Cia Guo-Quiang and his team produce the artwork that then was exhibited in PROA museum in Buenos Aires.


37567388_1558774524752609_r.jpeg“Mental stress” (180x200 cm - 70,8x78,7 inch)Acrylic on canvas

37567388_1558774544683001_r.jpeg“Smoky hangover” (200x200 cm - 78,7x78,7 inch)Acrylic on canvas

37567388_1558774562225258_r.jpeg“Touching bottom” (200x200 cm - 78,7x78,7 inch)Acrylic on canvas

37567388_1558774579261449_r.jpeg“Playground” (220x200 cm - 78,7x86,6 inch)Acrylic on canvas

37567388_1558774597502672_r.jpeg“Legs” (160x150 cm - 62,9x59 inch)Acrylic on canvas


“Menu” (180x200 cm - 70,8x78,7 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Heavy present” (180x200 cm - 70,8x78,7 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Therapy” (60x40 cm - 23,6x15,7 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Tangled” (150x140 cm - 59x55,1 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Protection” (150x150 cm - 59x59 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Trapped” (40x60 cm - 15,7x23,6 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Scary woman” (150x160 cm - 59x62,9 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Shooting” (200x200 cm - 78,7x78,7 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Mona lisa” (60x80 cm - 23,6x31,4 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Kick in the face” (140x190 cm - 55x74,8 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Attack” (140x180 cm - 55x70,8 inch)
Acrylic on canvas

“Attack” (24x32 cm - 9,4x12,5 inch)
Indian ink on paper

“Attack n2”  (24x32 cm - 9,4x12,5 inch)
Indian ink on paper

“A space in which we even lost ourselves” (120x130 cm - 47,2x51 inch)
Acrylic and synthetic enamel con wood

Your help would mean the world to me, I really do hope you can help me achieve my goals because I promise I will work very hard to become an artist here in London.
Thank you so much for your attention!! :)

Your help would mean the world to me, I really do hope you can help me achieve my goals because I promise I will work very hard to become an artist here in London.
Thank you so much for your attention!! :)

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