Support Liscard Branch Labour Party to elect Sarah

by Sarah Spoor for Liscard Labour. in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

Support Liscard Branch Labour Party to elect Sarah
We did it
On 18th April 2019 we successfully raised £180 with 9 supporters in 28 days

Liscard resident Sarah has been selected by Liscard Labour Branch to be their Council candidate and is raising funds for her campaign.

by Sarah Spoor for Liscard Labour. in Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

Sarah lives in Liscard and has been selected by her Branch, Liscard Labour, to be their candidate in the local election on May 2nd. She is an advocate for her community and would be a great Councillor. 

But this takes work and campaigning costs money - leaflets, letters, posters, stickers, postcards etc - all these need to be paid for. The Liscard Branch doesn't have a large fighting fund and we need to build it up to aid Sarah's campaign.

Any money left over will go back into the Branch to aid future community campaigns and work.

It isn't just about donating money though, we need local people to help in the campaign by canvassing, dropping off leaflets etc. To become involved  why not visit our Facebook Page : Sarah Spoor for Liscard Labour ; the Branch Facebook Page : Liscard Branch Labour Party or on Twitter : @Sarah4liscard drop a line to the Branch email : 

Help  us in canvassing, knocking on doors and asking people which way they  vote. If you haven't done it before, give it a try with one of our teams  of volunteers that go out regularly. 

Offer to deliver some leaflets, we work in teams or you can work in your own time, up to you. 

Speak to family and friends about our campaign and encourage them vote.

The Branch and Sarah's supporters believe she will make a strong Councillor who will work hard for the people in the Liscard area.

So please help if you can and donate some money to help get Sarah elected on 2nd May.


The Legal Stuff :

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Promoted by Roger Cliffe-Thompson of 2 The Mount Wallasey CH44 1AY on behalf of Sarah Kathryn Spoor.


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