Funding for postgraduate clinical neuropsychology

by Beth Jeffrey in Reading, Berkshire, England

Funding for postgraduate clinical neuropsychology
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To pursue further education so I may qualify as a clinical neuropsychologist and help vulnerable individuals with neuro conditions or injury

by Beth Jeffrey in Reading, Berkshire, England

Hi there :) 

I'm a 21-year student from a little town in the Midlands, UK. I am just finishing up my undergraduate degree in Psychology with Neuroscience and am now considering my future. I have a passion for helping those who are vulnerable and have a passion for medicine but was unable to afford medical school. I also have a passion for mental health and run a society called OpenMind which aims to promote student wellbeing and open discussion of mental health issues. To this end, I found that I could combine my love of medicine and my desire to help those with mental health issues, but to do so, I will need to do at least 2 additional qualifications spanning over the course of 5 years. I will need to complete a registered postgraduate degree in clinical neuropsychology (which will require a lot of travel) and then a doctoral degree. I can obtain a little funding for this but nowhere near enough to cover all the costs of my study. I have no family money to support me and despite working part-time where possible, still barely have enough to get by. This means I have no reserve to help me achieve my dream. There is a major lack of funding in the mental health portion of the government which unfortunately means those wanting to help rehabilitate those who may have had a stroke or brain injury are severely lacking. I really want to be qualified to help those who have experienced mental trauma since my mother suffered a stroke when I was young and there aren't enough services to help individuals with recovery long term. 

So basically, if anyone can spare even a tiny bit, I intend to put every penny towards my studies so that I can become a clinical neuropsychologist and help those who have brain diseases or injuries, and help them to recover asap so that they can live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Thank you so so much for any help you can give to help me make the world a little bit better :) 

Love from Beth. x

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