Funding for new Writers

by Chad Echakowitz in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Funding for new Writers
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To grow a business which helps discover new, unpublished writers and create a safe place for them to share their work.

by Chad Echakowitz in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Forge & Flint is a relatively new website that helps new, inexperienced, unpublished writers to write better while helping them gain some publicity. The team at Forge & Flint take writers’ articles, poetry, short stories and scripts that are sent through to them, and presents those pieces to the world.

By funding this website, your money will go towards buying better equipment for filming, advertising to help grow the publicity for writers, and keeping the website running. We intend to pay our writers for their work, so not only will they benefit from the hints, tips, and publicity, writers will also receive compensation for their work. This will only be possible through growing the site to the point where we can attract revenue. Your money would be used for that purpose.

Your money would be benefiting hundreds of new writers all around the world who are just trying to catch their lucky break into the industry. Think of it: your money could go to help fund the next Stephen King, Maya Angelou, or James Cameron.

The funds are pretty urgent. The sooner we can fund the website, the quicker we can grow it and the faster our writers will become hotshots in the literary industry.

Your support would mean so much to everyone here at Forge & Flint. We started this website with a single goal: to create a safe place where new writers can grow and break in to a notoriously difficult industry. You will be helping us realize that goal. Our thanks would be immeasurable.

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