Funding for my property business to take off

Funding for my property business to take off

To start up a property business to help motivated sellers and buyers find a mutually beneficial deal

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There are countless homes sitting empty which are expensive to maintain for owners; there are also people who want and deserve to own their own home but cannot get a mortgage or don't have the funds for a deposit. International Property Brokers matches motivated sellers with willing buyers and offers a deal to suit both parties. I need to fund my training with IPB to be able to start making deals. 

Each deal I close will mean a £3000 to £5000 fee, and I aim to close between 1 and 4 deals a month. I will share 10% of each completed deal between all those who help me get started during the first year.  

Let's help people get a place they can call home!