Funding for my feature film NightWalker

by Ricardo St Nicholas Coke in Croydon, England, United Kingdom


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Thanks for reading my funding page, I already have 1 crew willing to bring this script to reality but I really need the funding for the CGi!

by Ricardo St Nicholas Coke in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

1616813635_ricardocoke.com_photo.jpgAlthough I have a great presents online I must stress I am on government benefits and I do not work becasue of mental ill health however I can do therapeutic work so that's why I chose the career of Acting & script writing I have always loved acting ever since I was aged 12 now with a recent birthday in March I am now 38 and haven't given a chance at success in acting and script writing a funding for £100,000+ would be great becasue my sequels for this feature film is ongoing and as I am hoping you have watched the large screenplay of the feature film.

This film is about predicting the future through if not in this film then in the one to come Have a look at my snip it of one of my sequels on and how the Fpa's predicted correctly deaths Check it out!> twitter @Juniornight20 please ask me personally to send you the sequels becasue currently the website crowdfunder won't let me upload it. I need your help in getting my career off the ground if not I'll be back on benefits.

This film is also about in small a autobiography of me about the Finger print Angels AKA (fpa) if not in this film then the next this is also my second attempt at a feature film I tried earlier in the 2000's with a 32 page script and failed! Adjustments can be made to the script so I can add more about the Fpa's if I wanted to!


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I am looking for a lady to have kids with if that's you I'll pay you to be with me a certain amount a month, we will have to talk about this and red carpet treatment, I am not even sure if I am allowed to post this!? I am a bit picky on my ladies so sorry if you end up rejecting me becasue you probably will!

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