Funding for Cheryl

Funding for Cheryl

Clatterbridge Cancer Charity Fundraising

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone.

This past month one of my very close friends Cheryl was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer. She, along with her mum and her 5 year old daughter Sophie were obviously very shocked and taken aback by the news. She is just about to start her 2nd cycle of Chemotherapy and has unfortunately already lost her hair. As you know chemotherapy makes all the hairs on your body fall out. Cheryl's hair was down to the bottom of her back and lovely and shiny! She took the plunge and shaved her head last week but one of her biggest worries is how Sophie will react when the rest of her hair goes, especially her eyebrows. I have worked at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the past and am very supportive of their charity.  We are looking to raise money to donate to this amazing charity, to help other patients that may not have as good a prognosis as Cheryl. We also would like to pull together to get Microbladed eyebrows for Cheryl to make the transition through chemotherapy slightly easier for her.

If you can give whatever you can give to this worthwhile cause that is very close to a lot of our hearts it would be greatly appreciated. We will donate 70% of donations to the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and the rest will go to Cheryl and her family. 

Thank you for reading and we greatly appreciate anything you can give.

Many thanks,

Sarah Eagle