Funding Des' LLM

Funding Des' LLM

Funds are needed for my future (LLM) and y'all be determining my future!

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Funds are needed for my future (LLM) and y'all be determining my future!

About the project

I am raising my own fund to go back to university this coming September and I desperately need £5000 to secure my seat at the university before the 6th of July 2015. I have been offered by BPP London (UK) to do my LLM in Financial Regulations and Compliance, which I really want to do. The entire course would be £8500 and I plan to work when I get back to London and raise the other half before the semester starts. If I am able to raise over £5000 before the 6th of July, I will be donating the extra money to the local charities and to those who were affected by the earthquake which happened on the 5th of June 2015 here in Sabah. Why do I need the fund? It is because I am financially tight and so are my family as our family business is going downhill, and we do not have any extra income; thus we are also owing money to the banks and trying to make ends meet. 

A little bit about myself, my name is Desiree and I was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia and I have 2 other siblings; I am the only daughter to my parents and the middle child. I am turning 24 on the 16th of next month yay! I did my LLB in Aberystwyth University in Wales and I obtained a third class honours, it is not a good grade however I have my own explanations - I suffered and battling from a mild depression (which includes alcoholism and binge eating) during my entire second year and a quarter of my third year) which did pulled my cumulated grades (CGPA) down. I also suffer from dyspraxia but I am not letting any of these affect me and not asking for any sympathy but just merely being honest.

I was unable to pay full attention during lectures. Despite having to battle with my condition, I was still determined to complete my degree without giving up. And, so I did. I was able to pull myself together and build myself into a better and stronger person, as I was supporting myself financially while I was working in London for a few months upon graduating with my law degree and I am very proud of myself. 

Last summer, I was working as a bartender in Covent Garden and with that experience, it has helped me to build my confidence and the ability to work under pressure. Working as a bartender has changed and mould be into a better and stronger person as I am more 'exposed' to people around me as I used to be a very shy and afraid of interacting or to even be in a crowd but now, I love to work with and around people. 

I am hopeful and positive that I will be able to perform better academically if I was blessed with the opportunity pursue the course of my interest. I would be so ever grateful if I am able to start my LLM this coming September, I want to build my career in the corporate world as soon as possible and start helping my parents to clear their debts. 

I would truly appreciate it if anyone who could spare me a few quid and fund me and would deem me worthy a chance to continue on this academic journey, thank you so very much. 


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