by REVOLUTION in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland



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I aim to awaken as much people as possible to the deceit and corruption before its too late, we have a chance but we are running out of time

by REVOLUTION in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland

Our only chance is to educate the masses with the truth of our banking system, education system, judicial system, legal system and medicinal system.  Educate them on the false flags used to keep the masses in fear so that they can further their agenda.  The deceit and corruption if rife in all sectors and it goes right to the top of our society!

It takes many years of research to possess such knowledge and information but unfortunatly the world doesn't have this time to wake up and therefore those already awake need to force the truth on the masses.  I intend to raise enough funds to set up seminars and workshops across the UK to enable a country of critical thinkers who can differentiate between fact and fiction.

I know that only those who are already awake will know what I am trying to achieve here and your help would be much appreciated and the world will hopefully be able to thank you, for your help one day in the near future.

Please give what you can towards achieving this target, its the only way to free our children.

Thank you.  

Let's make 'AWAKENING THE MASSES' happen