Goldfinger Factory Turns Waste into Gold

Help People & Planet by funding a unique social enterprise tackling social problems and creating jobs with a Tom Dixon piece of furniture.

We did it!

On 8th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £24,558 of £20,000 target with 166 supporters in 56 days

We are an award-winning design, build and teaching platform in West London located underneath the iconic Trellick Tower that strives to inspire the community through the fabrication of bespoke furniture and interiors.

We have a team of local expert artisans who would otherwise be struggling to make ends meet whom we help become self-sustaining by providing them a low-capital way of accessing workshop facilities and retail space. In return, they pass on their treasured knowledge to local residents looking to pursue careers in craft as well as helping us provide building services to the community free of charge and making a real difference in one of London's most deprived wards.

We also train young people between the ages of 16-25 who have fallen through the cracks of mainstream education in traditional skills such as carpentry, metalworking, cabinet-making and decorating to increase their employability and offer them a brighter future.



Our fundraising goal is to raise £38,000. This will allow us to start expanding into two new sites in London, offer more long-term training programmes to young people and invest in the latest digital fabrication equipment as well as a full metal working workshop and spray booth to ensure our trainees become future-proof craftspeople. You can help us do this by:

  • Sponsoring a trainee and changing a young person’s life
  • Buying one of the Limited Edition exclusive products designed for us by Tom Dixon
  • Donating whatever you can afford to help us on our journey

We believe we’ve got a model that can help, not just a few hundred people in one community, but thousands of people in communities all over the world. This is why we’re crowdfunding! To spread the Goldfinger Factory force across the capital -into our Future Factory in Ladbroke Grove and a vocational school in Fulham- and change even more lives through the medium of craft!


For our positive social and environmental work so far, we’ve won awards, praise and coverage from the likes of The Times, Evening Standard and Courier Paper. We even caught the eye of iconic British designer Tom Dixon OBE who got behind us by designing an exclusive product line to help us achieve our goals.

The range, named after the building in which Goldfinger Factory is situated, sees a stunning convergence of art, design, craft and community. Coalescing traditional carpentry with cutting-edge fabrication techniques, the range has a positive social impact but equally an exceptional story as each piece was crafted by artisans and trainees from our local community.

What’s more, we have used all of the off-cuts of this collection in innovative ways to create more products such as our frames thereby minimising our contribution to the problem of waste. This is a reflection of how we operate as a social enterprise. Just like a commercial design and build company, our multidisciplinary team can make anything that our clients want from new or reclaimed materials. The key difference however is that because of our community of designers, if we do use new materials, we make sure we upcycle the wastage by developing new products making us a sustainable choice for whatever needs to be done. Upcycling is the process of using creativity and craft to add value to waste materials.


We are extremely excited to have teamed up with Tom Dixon OBE to create some truly beautiful rewards for this crowdfunding campaign. Our Trellick range is designed by Tom Dixon but built by our team of skilled craftspeople and trainees.  We have crafted the collection from oak and pine, which has then been charred and then stained in black to create a contemporary matte finish showing off the beautiful wood grain. We have used a combination of traditional skills together with cutting edge digital fabrication techniques to create a range of furniture of the very highest quality.

The Finishing Process 

Stage 1- Raw Oak and Pine

Stage 2- After The Charring

Stage 3- With 1 Coat of Black Stain

Stage 4- With 2 Coats of Black Stain

By pledging you could own a design classic that does good! We have created a gorgeous collection consisting of a tray, stunning planters (one small and one large), a classic stool that doubles as a side table, a stylish bench that can also be a striking coffee table and last but not least a beautiful dining table.  We have strictly limited numbers of these items and there is only one full set  of the TRELLICK collection signed by Tom Dixon himself.  We expect there to be significant interest in this limited edition range, so if you love it, get pledging!


TRELLICK Stool £250

TRELLICK Small Planter £200

TRELLICK Large Planter £350

TRELLICK Bench £750 

TRELLICK Table £3,000

From the offcuts of the Tom Dixon x Goldfinger Factory collection, we have crafted beautiful handmade frames containing a signed Limited Edition numbered photo print of Trellick Tower taken by local photographer, Andy Aderinto, who has lived in his beloved tower for years and considers the tower his muse. With this purchase, you are not only supporting us but also a local artist from our community. Available in a Raw Finish or Ebonised Finish as shown below. 

TRELLICK Photographic Print Numbered and Signed by Local Artist £120 (A3 size) / £150 (A2 size)

Your pledges will also help to train more young people from our community who really need our help.  Just £5 or £10 will help us train one person for 30 minutes or one hour, £50 allows us to train one person for half a day. The more you give the more we can do.

If you or your business want to sponsor a trainee full or part-time for a year, we have these options available. You will receive regular updates on your trainee’s journey and you will be helping a young person take their first steps to a career. For companies who choose the £10,000 or £15,000 option, we will give you public recognition via: our showroom sponsors logo board, inclusion in our monthly newsletters, plus logo presence on our website. We will also arrange for you to meet the trainee you sponsor.

Our Trainees, Alaa and Jake, sanding some tables for a restaurant client

Finally, you can also help by buying one of our Limited Edition T-shirts printed on organic cotton. The design is inspired by the pattern of the Tom Dixon x Goldfinger Factory TRELLICK range. Available in black or white organic cotton in Mens S/M/L/XL and Ladies S/M/L/XL. 

Limited Edition TRELLICK Organic Cotton T-Shirt in Black £25

Limited Edition TRELLICK Organic Cotton T-Shirt in White £25

If you want to just donate, you can do so by clicking on any of the rewards and at checkout if you want to donate more, just click on Pledge More.

When you choose a reward or simply donate, your generosity helps us to change lives and save more materials from ending up in landfill.


Britain has more teenagers dropping out of school than ever before with figures showing more 15 to 19-year-olds in the UK are not in employment, education or training than in any other developed country. What’s more, it’s not just the younger students being let down by our education system; hundreds of thousands of graduates are unable to find jobs at the end of their studies.  In this volatile climate, Goldfinger Factory is offering a craft-based solution. 

In November 2015, we launched a scheme which enables companies to sponsor a trainee to earn-while-they-learn with us. This year, we have been lucky enough to get luxury brand Hermès and landowner South Kensington Estates sponsoring two young local members of our community. On the programme, they are provided with one-on-one training and intensive work experience in a swathe of traditional skills such as carpentry, joinery, cabinet making and paint effects. For the first time ever, we are opening up our Sponsor-A-Trainee programme to individuals like you, who may have always wanted to contribute to a local project. With a donation as small as £5, you can contribute to a young person's craft journey towards employment. 

Jake - 17 years old 

Jake West, the winner of our part-time traineeship has been with us for 6 months and is now in the full swing of his craft curriculum. Having always been a quiet lad, Jake did not do well at school and left aged just 16. Luckily, we were able to take him under our wing where he is truly thriving.

Alaa -23 years old

Alaa, as the winner of the full-time scholarship, has just finished 7 months training with us  where he has showed perseverance, talent and skill. He is so eager that he attends all of our evening classes and even assisted one of our artisans in running a Bird Box Upcycling workshop that we ran for free for the community!


Liam Dryden

Liam discovered Goldfinger Factory in late August 2015 and was in desperate need of work. He had a treasure trove of knowledge but lacked the resources to rent his own studio. We welcomed him into the Goldfinger Factory family and within weeks he was crafting quality furniture from reclaimed materials. Having successfully established his own profitable practice at Goldfinger Factory, Liam has now been able to get his own workshop. Indeed, this is what the Factory is all about: giving a hand up to skilled craftspeople with the aim of making them self-supporting!

Charlie Warde

Charlie found us over a year ago and was looking for somewhere to practice his craft. With a background in the fine arts, he joined as one of our artisans-in-residence. Charlie, a veritable Trellick Tower aficionado, also ran an incredible Print-Making workshop where members of the community made prints of the brutalist masterpiece. Since completing his residency with Goldfinger Factory, Charlie has exhibited the work he created whilst with us at a prestigious gallery on Portobello road and Trellick’s very own clubroom.


The problem of waste is a global one and all too often governments and companies are too comfortable with a ‘use once throw away’ outlook. In 2016, reports found that the capital produces around 22m tonnes of waste every year, enough to fill the largest skyscraper at Canary Wharf every eight days! Over 4.3 million tonnes of this was wood waste sent to landfill. This idea of ‘waste’ is a human concept as there is no such thing in nature. So we think humans have to be the solution. More than this, we believe that rather than being a problem, waste is actually just a resource in the wrong hands.

We save wood from going to landfill wherever we can which is why you’ll see elements of the American Embassy, the Science Museum, Tower Bridge and even the Notting Hill Carnival in our work. What's more, whenever we do use new materials, we always make sure we use the off-cuts (pieces of waste material that are left behind after cutting a larger piece) in creative and innovative ways such as developing new products like chopping boards and even jewellery! This makes us the sustainable choice for building jobs as we’re forging the path to a zero waste economy.



West London is home to some of the richest residents in the capital. A lesser known fact, however, is that it also houses the city’s most deprived. Born and bred in West London, our founder Olly saw first hand the detrimental effects and tensions such a huge wealth divide can have and knew he wanted to do something about it.

Olly first had the idea for the social enterprise while working as a management consultant, advising companies on how to become more community friendly. He thought it was such a brilliant idea that when the company didn’t take it on, he quit his job and started what would become the journey of a lifetime.

It began as a social experiment to see if an inner-city design & build workshop could help a chronic hotspot of social problems. In 2013, Olly took a derelict space at the foot of the iconic Trellick Tower and completely transformed it into a studio complex, fully-equipped wood workshop, furniture showroom and café space.


Building on the classical woodworking skills ingrained in our social enterprise, the Future Factory in Ladbroke Grove will feature high-tech computer-controlled machinery such as laser cutters and routers, a spray booth, a metalworking studio and a bank of 3D printers. The partnership with the vocational school in Fulham will allow us to help young people at an even earlier age as part of a special curriculum that will provide them with work skills and act as a feeder for our further education activities at the other sites.  


How closely did you work with the Goldfinger Factory team?

“Like family.”

- Tom Dixon

“I am a resident in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I have lived in Trellick Tower for 18 years. The Goldfinger Factory downstairs... which I do not have to travel far to have been a real asset to the area and the community. They have offered support, on a professional and social level. Through activities, courses and workshops. Which I myself have participated in and my 18 year old daughter. Also, popping in for a friendly chit chat and moral support when one is needed. Olly and Marie are a great duo with great ethics which are beneficial for the community. And have a team of professionals who work alongside of them. We are very fortunate to have such talented and hard working people and I wish them all the success on their journey. Thanks for all your help.”

- Bina, Trellick Tower resident

“Everyone felt the same way I felt the first time I came to Goldfinger Factory : at home ; and everyone was unanimous: this place, the people and the concept it holds is GOLD. It felt right for our teams to be here not only because it was consistent with the theme of our day but also because we're on the same page : create beautiful objects with a SOUL.”

- Caroline Fontaine, Sustainability Officer, Hermès

“The day was a triumph [...] the work you do is both important and inspiring.”

- Benet Northcote, Group Head of CSR, John Lewis

"Extremely creative & passionate about design & production of bespoke items! What these talented people create out of "waste" is amazing."

- Karen Perry, Responsible Sourcing Manager, John Lewis


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