Brands and the power of great ideas

Things are changing, and people are spending more time immersed in the ideas they love and paying less attention to outdated traditional media.

Crowdfunder sees hundreds of new ideas every single day across the UK, each reaching thousands of of potential supporters.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but at the heart of them all is a compelling story.

Our platform has the extraordinary potential to connect individuals, communities, charities and businesses together to improve lives, one project at a time. 

And brands are playing a central role, working with the Crowd to help make great ideas happen while harnessing the power of Crowdfunder to promote their businesses.

Our brilliant partner Crowdfunder offers a pretty spectacular option for many businesses to reach out and secure their next objective.

Scott Wilkinson at Virgin Media Business

The world is moving on for brands

These days audiences want to be talked to in a relevant way, coming together around stories that matter to them and their communities. Crowdfunder is a vital and visceral platform, full of raw and authentic ideas which makes it a naturally compelling place for brands to be.

Brands the Crowd = engagement

Brands we're working with

By partnering with forward-thinking brands like Virgin Media Business, M&S Energy and Santander we’ve been able to make thousands of innovative ideas happen across the UK, celebrating the story behind that work through our wide network. Our friends at JCDecaux, PayPal, XERO, AXA and have played a major part in what we’ve achieved down the years.

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Voom 2016

We are so proud of every pitch that came through Crowdfunder during VOOM 2016, this is just the start.

#Voom 2016

  20,000 Entries
620,000 Votes
12 Professionals
5 Superstar judges
4 Special awards
3 Winners
£730,000 Raised

How it works for brands

Find the right projects to support

Find the right projects to support

Our platform, which sees hundreds of new ideas added each day, places your brand at centre stage of each great story.

Make your money go further

Make your money go further

Ideas and projects you support will have already been supported by the Crowd, and your backing may also attract other funders and their audiences.

Maximising publicity, engagement and accountability

Maximising publicity, engagement and accountability

The Crowd doesn’t just fund projects, it promotes them too, and their great stories will help spread your message.

What A Melon

Getting extra funding has allowed us to make much more progress than we thought.

How What A Melon raised extra funds

  £62,096 Pledged by the Crowd
£50,000 Added by Virgin Business Media
£112,096 Raised

How we do it

Making beautiful multiplatform campaigns

Making beautiful multiplatform campaigns

Our award-winning design team can work with brands and agencies to create effective campaigns to engage and inspire people to take the leap through crowdfunding.

Access to the projects you want to talk to

Access to the projects you want to talk to

Our dashboard enables brands to have meaningful conversations with the people behind the ideas, allowing them to reach out to the projects they want to be seen to support

Spreading the word

Spreading the word

Our marketing and activation teams will help pull together the communications plan to align your support with the success of Crowdfunder projects.

‘Always on’ content curation

‘Always on’ content curation

As part of the ‘always on’ marketing and engagement activity we provide success stories, demonstrating how projects have benefited from the involvement of partners.

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