Fundamentals of Life Documentary

To spread knowledge and raise awareness of the basic foundations of living in peace while experiencing the human life in the modern world

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Plot

Author of the book "The Fundamentals of Life" is making a documentary which explains the basic fundamentals of living a peaceful and easy life in our current time.

The documentary will discuss such topics as nutrition and eating habits, sleep deprivation and disorders, the human body and movement, relationships both with the self and with others and also financial and spiritual practices. The main concept is the audience will follow the narrator through life while explaining and actively showing ways in which to live a more peaceful and conscious way of living.

While most styles of documentaries are predominantly narrated over archived footage, this style will be involving more action from the narrator. From walking in scenic locations and explaining various topics to extreme stunts such as jumping off cliffs and riding motorcycles. this style will also be taking inspiration from various directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson and Brian Klein, using contemporary colour schemes along with an array of beautiful and natural camera sequences to acompany the film's overall theme.

The Cast

Narrator: The documentary is based around the narrator, whom comes from an unknown place in time and location. Dressed in different period and cultural clothing and carries with him a mysterous silver staff.


The Budget

As mentioned in the video we are building most things in house and sourcing out the props and other equipment needed to cut down costs. We understand making a movie like this can be quite expensive (10k+) as it involves alot of travel, top of the range equipment and archived footage. Being so we have managed to buy, build and gather most things we need for our project however we lack the funds to invest in a professional camera and sound system. This is where we need your help. We have a detailed list below going over our estimated expenditure along with the resources we have gathered.

By using recycled materials, props and by making our own equipment (we took out the cost of tripods, dollys, cam sliders etc as we paid/made them ourself), we are able to cut down the cost with a budget of £3,400. We are also grateful if you have any spare recording equipment or anything mentioned above laying around collecting dust, this will cut our costs down even more! you clear unwanted or unneeded stuff while helping someone else that could put it to good use.

The Director/Producer/Writer

Chris Wilson is an author and writer with two published works in print and various song releases. He has also written three movie scripts with this documentary being the first. He has experience with film making as he produced web videos using video graphics software for 4 years. Chris also owns a company called Shen Centre which focuses on training, educating and sharing wisdom with individuals and businesses through various products and services found on the website.

The Rewards

We are very thankful for any help you are able to offer, as we are working with limited resources our physical rewards may be lacking, however we can offer our sincere gratitude and appreciation for any support. Donations and supports of our cause may recieve such things as company clothing and merchandise, a private screening of the movie before release, behind the scenes and b-roll footage, a chance to talk with our team, special quest at the film festival and future events and many more. All supporters of any kind will have thier name perminantly on the website too as a thank you(if you want)

The Dream

our main purpose in creating this documentary is to spread the awareness of achieving a peaceful and happier way of living. As the world continues to change in ways we could not imagine many people become confused, stressed or depressed and turn to drugs, alcohol or something even worse. By spreading our message we hope it reaches those people who need it most and can change their lives in a positive way so that they can do the same to others.