#FundADream. #FundMyMBA

by Phumzile Mbatha in London, England, United Kingdom

#FundADream. #FundMyMBA
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I've been accepted by Alliance Business School; University of Manchester to do a Global MBA and need funding to make this dream come true.

by Phumzile Mbatha in London, England, United Kingdom

 A little history...

I grew up in a township called Esikhawini in South Africa and at 7 years old, I can still remember the first speech I ever delivered at primary school on how I had learned to swim. While my schoolmates went back to suburban homes with swimming pools where they could get additional practice, I had to make the most of lessons provided by the school. That didn't worry me though because I was determined to overcome the challenge and gain a new skill, one that I would retain forever. I requested access to the pool during after care and practiced at every window of opportunity, tirelessly until I got it right. There was a relentless striving within me that refused to give up. I can still hear the other kids echoing a phrase that resonated with them for weeks after my speech, "I tried and tried and tried and tried again". I went on to become the captain of the swimming team and it became somewhat a slogan for the team and set the tone for the rest of my life. This experience taught me to look beyond my surroundings and make the most out of limited resources. Over 20 years later I am still taking life advice from that little girl (don't judge lol!) and my goals now include completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

So why do I want to do an MBA?

Having been selected as one of two Africans to join a development programme with Mace UK in 2015, I now lead the cost management on a multi-million construction fit out account overseeing projects in the Europe and Americas regions. While this has provided me with good managerial and technical experience internationally, I still have a desire to learn more about how global organisations function. An MBA will allow me to bridge this gap and use my new skills to add value to organisations both in the UK and in South Africa when I return.

Fortune 500 reported that only 6.6% women held CEO roles in 2019- not much improvement since 1972 when the first female CEO was appointed. Life is bound to serve us things we cannot control and I believe that by equipping myself with the right tools and doing the best I can to influence things within my control, I am doing my bit to find the solution. According to Mahatma Ghandi “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a nation”. Your donation would assist me in funding my dream and allow me to gain the skills necessary to open my own firm in the future, create job and mentorship opportunities for other young women to realise their full potential.

Cost Breakdown:

Total Tuition: £29,500 (R531,000)

Scholarship Received: £1,500 (R27,000)

Self-funding: £5,000 (R90,000)

Additional Funding Required: £23,000 (R414,000)

All amounts will by highly appreciated however, to make contributing easier, I have developed the following categories to reach my target:

Category x No. of Donors Required = Targeted Category Total

Generous Giants x2 @ £1,500  =£3,000.00 (R53,700)

Fantastic Financers x8 @ £1,000 = £8,000.00  (R143,200)

Glorious Givers  x15  @ £200 =  £3,000.00  (R53,700) 

Dynamic Donors  x50  @ £100  = £5,000.00  (R89,500) 

Stunning Supporters  x100  @ £35  =  £3,500.00  (R62,650)

Total Target = £22,500.00  (R402,750)

A big thank you in advance for taking your time to read this and whether you are a Generous Giant or a Stunning Supporter, your support goes a mighty long way. God bless you.

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