Fund Wansteads Christmas Tree

Fund Wansteads Christmas Tree

No Council budget cuts will keep a Christmas tree away from Wanstead. We are joining together as a community to fund our tree.

We did it!

On 30th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £4,610 of £3,000 target with 93 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target


go to the residents and businesses of Wanstead that have pledged to Fund Wanstead's Christmas Tree so far, you guys have been AMAZING! Please keep pushing, sharing and doing what you're doing to allow everybody the chance to contribute something towards our Christmas tree.

We've reached our £3k target but are continuing to fundraise so that everyone can have a piece and contribute to the magic that will be Wanstead's Christmas tree.

Any surplus money...

will be used to fund projects in our local area to continue enhancing our beautiful Wanstead. So if you have any suggestions (a new swing, a bench, a tree planted somewhere or anything really that you feel would enhance and improve Wanstead) then drop me an email with suggestions. It's YOUR money so all ideas will be voted on by the tree's sponsors after Christmas.

Village folk of Wanstead liked Christmas trees a lot,

But two of their Councillors most certainly did not! 

Berry and Main hated Christmas trees, the whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask me why, no one quite knows the reason.

Perhaps it was the fairy lights, they found them too bright, 

Or perhaps it could be, Labour were just too tight.

Perhaps it was something they liked least of all,

To see people of Wanstead, the tall and the small.

Standing close together, with Christmas bells ringing,

Standing as friends and neighbours, with school children singing!

The Mayor always attended, to rapturous applause,

Saying “Only four weeks ‘til the arrival of Santa Claus”

The Salvation Army band would play Christmas carols, note after note,

If only the people of Wanstead could change their last vote!

The more Main & Berry thought of this annual Christmas Sing,

The more they joined Labour colleagues thinking, “We must stop this whole thing!”

“For too many years we’ve put up with it now!”

“We must stop this joy from happening, stop it, but how?”

Then Main & Berry got an idea, jumping up with glee,

“We know what we’ll do” they exclaimed, “we’ll scrap Wanstead’s Christmas tree”

When the vote against the tree came, the box Main & Berry did tick,

“This is perfect” they thought while grinning, another ‘same Old Labour’ trick!

A Christmas tree had been on George Green, for as long as anybody could remember.

But for the first year thanks to Labour, THERE’LL BE NONE THIS DECEMBER!




Join with us in helping to fund Wanstead's annual Christmas tree so that the level of Council budget cuts will not affect our seasonal, community celebrations. After all, we've been very good boys and girls... honest! AND hopefully, Father Christmas may even put in an appearance at the switching on ceremony but only if you promise to be good!

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