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by David Gomadza in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

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Slogan: Your Future Your Say The world need a new visionary. Today's leaders have backtracked. Taken the evil road.

by David Gomadza in Bradford, England, United Kingdom

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Drawing up of complementary plans that combine short term plans and future plans. The short term plans will be incremental plans to achieve our long term goals. Eradicating basic issues before moving to next goals. Current plans embarks on huge weapons projects at the expense of basic needs. Our heroes are homeless whilst we build $billions worth of arsenal?? Our hospitals now rely on expensive-digital-man-made viral agents to function normally- no matter how you want to look at it- its backtracking. Taking us back to the times before the discovery of medicine. [Medieval times] The system has gone bonkers relying on man-made agents and everyone is funding unnecessary big companies encouraging them to make viral-agents when the real voters sweat for a normal life. Stripping the voters of any disposable income and making weapons? No different to those who fund drug-dealers. Today's politicians are no better than those who fund evil crimes. If it wasn't for bangs, blackmail and secret threats most of these politicians will be siting in the dock in the Hague charged with crimes against humanity. I will do what no other man has done and make sure new laws, new accountability and transparency are implemented in every aspect of the law and expose all evil. The new Crimes of Aggression law is a good example of the way forward part of Tomorrows World Order Vision. We shall endeavor to expose and eliminate dirty tricks that has seen evil- lurk around for years. We shall not trick the population into believing that we can communicate with them digitally when in actual fact we are using digital- threats on them. The current environment is hostile to human life. Digitally made unwanted agents are used to blackmail and control the population. The people are showing signs of aging way too early than normal?? It seems as if we are back in the medieval times before great achievements in technology. Are they reversing previous achievements? TRUE. Budget pressures and the need to create jobs and fulfill party manifesto are all making today's politicians take the easy route and encourage dirty tricks. We shall fight hard for a better tomorrow. We shall lobby for laws to stop evil. We shall provide better and affordable houses for everyone. We shall provide education for all. Funding shall be provided as we shall serve money from weapons manufacturing. We shall act like super humans the way it is intended and foster and develop communication among all world members. Today's leaders see differences. We have first world countries building weapons which they in turn use on third world countries. Believe you me it's nothing to do with education nor corruption among the third world leaders. No. It's simply because the first world countries see boundaries, see differences instead of eliminating these boundaries, these differences they go on [ human instinct I can't blame them] on making weapons citing fear of being attacked and the need to self preserve- self defense. Is this true? I ask you a question. Imagine you have won a $million and you have a brother or a sister. Do you build a weapon to protect yourself from your bro or you would spend some of the money on your brother and sister? The same thinking. The world see these boundaries these differences. Inferior human thinking. Superior human thinking will foster relationships and try to build networks and work with others all to improve humanity. The major reason given for weapons manufacturing apart from need for self defense is the pressure to create new jobs. Surely there are areas that need funding and further research that can create as much jobs as weapons manufacturing. 2000 years has passed yet we only live up to 80 years on average. Tortoises can live up to 200 years. We are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels?? Oil and all that stuff? This generation has abandon reserach and development and chose to backtrack making weapons-viral as well as digital in the tunes of $billions?? Surely a lot can be done. Its a comprehensive approach that is needed. A bigger brain. The need to change human thinking. Move away from inferior thinking. Strive for superior thinking where you can't see boundaries and differences as nature intend to achieve greatness. This is true. I have carried out a research over the past 17 years. Believe you me there is a great link between openness to change and extent of inferior thinking. I have noticed that people who speak one language are mostly closed, very conservative, they don't like change, they would rely on the old-but tried and trusted methods. These people see boundaries and differences the most and in actual fact are intolerant of others. That in turn make them more suspicious of others. Therefore because it's hard to trust others they turned to invest more of their time and money in defensive and attack mechanisms where as people who speak two or more language are more open and less fearful of others. They turned to accept and ignore boundaries and differences. They are open to new ideas. They spend less time and money worrying about being attacked or their things stolen. They tend to spend money on other things that encourage interaction and communication. They look for better sources of everything and tends to fulfill basics --meaning they help each other have the basics first-- like I explained above- everyone to them is like a brother, a sister, a mother, a father etc they don't see boundaries and differences- they want what is best for their friends and brothers etc. They would rather buy say a new car they can share with their friends than spend money fortifying their house or installing an expensive security alarm. Although this was on a small scale nevertheless this is true to some extent. Like wise we shall encourage communication and dialogue and interactions to help foster relationships thereby limiting resources spent unnecessary on weapons. Provide funding and make it compulsory in schools to learn a second language. Look at North Korea and the USA. Before[ I intervened ] North Korea spent $ billions on weapons while the majority of the population were starving. First world countries should be accountable and responsible not to instill fear by threatening to attack the inferiors thereby making them spend the little they have on weapons instead of the basic. This should be a thing of the past thanks to the Crime of Aggression laws. I will do everything to push for laws that will stop these bullies thereby making better use of valuable resources. I will push hard to bring violators of international laws to be brought to justice under crimes against humanity laws.


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