Fund our new play's debut at The Edinburgh Fringe

Fund our new play's debut at The Edinburgh Fringe

Following sell out shows and rave reviews at the Prague Fringe, we need you to help take our play DOMESTIC to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful



"Is there a line between political activism and terrorism? Who has the right to define it?  Do political beliefs override the rule of law?  Does the protection of property override the right to shelter?  These are just some of the political issues raised in this powerful new production.  The image of western society presented here is stark and discouraging.  But this is not a purely political drama.  Underlying these questions there is a love story.  But it is not the usual boy-meets-girl variety because, although there seems to be genuine emotion on both sides, the whole relationship is built on a lie.  And that lie exposes the profound divisions that are currently tearing western society apart."  Michael Calcott

DOMESTIC is a new play by Tamsin Omond.  She is one member of a new theatre company SO IT GOES...  Alongside four fellow theatre-creators: multi-award winning writer and director Jon Atli Jonasson, Doug Allen, Hinrik Thor Svavarsson and Martina Bertoni they have premiered their play at The Prague Fringe to sell out audiences and very warm reviews.  The story draws on Tamsin's experience at the front line of political activism in the UK. 



Weird Prague says: 

"There’s so much right going on with DOMESTIC, it’s hard to know where to start talking about it.

It is a perfect example of how you can make a complex topic work well on a tiny stage with only two actors and just a few props (in fact, there’s very little else on stage besides a table and chair). The play works because the actors know what they’re doing, the writing is clever, and you can actually visualize the entire world of the story through the dialogue. Doug Allen and Tamsin Omond do an amazing job. They’re both talented, they’re sexy together, they’re committed to the story. You believe who they tell you they are and as a result the story comes alive beautifully.

This is perhaps one of the best examples of “minimalistic” theater done right. And proof that true theater requires honest talent and little else to succeed."

Prague Youth Theatre says:

"I found myself so captivated I had to consciously remind myself to blink."

Michael Calcott says: 

"Domestic is an engaging and disquieting work.  The two actors are perfectly matched - one cool, the other passionate.  A hunter and his prey who get caught up in the same emotional net.  They play off each other beautifully.  The issues this production raises lingered in my brain long after the show ended.  Go and be provoked.  It is well worth it."



As individuals we have diverse experience. One of our members has invaded airport runways – to stop private jets taking off and to perform a version of Britney Spears’s TOXIC. Another of our members is a jobbing actor with 20 years film and television experience who has a law degree, is now completing a Masters in criminology and regularly volunteers for legal charities. Another is a Oscar nominated screenplay writer. We are brought together because we want to live in a more thoughtful and kinder world.



Our run in Edinburgh is at Space at Surgeon's Hall.  We have paid for this space.  Now we need you to support us: to go to Edinburgh, to build the set and to accomodate us whilst we are at The Edinburgh Fringe.  Our run is from 14th - 19th but we will need to be there from the 12th - 20th to build the set and have our technical rehearsal.

Set Build: £600

Accomodation: £2000

Flights and trains: £600

Costs will most likely exceed this budget.  We are all putting in our own money and we ask you to put yours in too and continue this journey with us.  We expect great things to come of our Edinburgh run and this is your opportunity to be involved from the beginning. To those of you who have already given us your support... THANK YOU --- and please stay a part of our journey.