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by Uyghur Tribunal in London, England, United Kingdom


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UK Tribunal investigating China’s alleged genocide & crimes against humanity against Uyghur, Kazakh & other Turkic Muslims.

by Uyghur Tribunal in London, England, United Kingdom

The June and September Hearings Were a Vital Step for Witnessing and Assessing Allegations of Genocide or/and Crimes Against Humanity Against Uyghurs, Kazakhs and Turkic Muslim Populations

International courts still will not or cannot investigate China's alleged abuse of Uyghur Muslims. The need for a People's Tribunal is as important as ever.

It is essential the Tribunal delivers its judgment towards the end of the year on whether allegations of genocide or/and crimes against humanity have been committed by the People's Republic of China.

We Need Your Help to Continue our Fund to Get Us to the Judgment

Over eight days, the Tribunal heard from over 70 witnesses, including over 10,000 hours of research and hundreds of thousands of documents reviewed by independent researchers. While a lot of work has been put into researching these serious allegations, there is still much to do. Both sets of hearings provided vital evidence and the Tribunal will continue to evaluate further evidence up until the judgment.  

From Both the June and September Hearings, the Tribunal Heard from Both Fact and Expert Witnesses

The Panel heard from both fact and expert witnesses on a wide range of issues including forced organ harvesting, rape, torture, mass internment, forced sterilisation and the forcible separation of children from their families. Both hearings received widespread coverage from national and international news organisations including the BBC, ITV, The Telegraph, CNN, Haaretz, Coda Story and more. 

The PRC has responded by holding a number of press conferences both before and after the June hearings, including using family members of Tribunal witnesses to denounce testimony after the June hearings. This triggered an urgent debate in the UK House of Commons on 14th June 2021. 

The day before the second set of hearings in September, the PRC held a press conference describing the human rights situation in Xinjiang as ‘irreproachable’. Two witnesses who had intended to give evidence to the Tribunal withdrew their statements as a result of ongoing pressure by the Chinese government. 

The Tribunal has invited members of the Chinese government to provide evidence on its behalf and attend the hearings on several occasions. The Tribunal has so far received no response.  



Funding the Tribunal

Most junior participants of the Tribunal are working at a fraction of commercial rates, while senior members of the organisation (the Panel, Head of Research, Counsel) are all working pro-bono.

So far the Tribunal has raised £290k and spent £280k, funding both the June and September hearings.  The Tribunal needs to raise at least £14k to help cover expenses leading to the final judgment and further research, as well as venue hire, tech hire, website maintenance and other vital costs. 

We cannot do this without you. Please consider supporting us in continuing our vital investigation into China's alleged abuse of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims.

Led By a Highly Experienced Team 

The Tribunal is run by independent individuals with significant expertise and diverse experiences - all with a goal in mind: to provide an objective assessment of the allegations. They do not represent states or international organisations; their job is to act on behalf of the people. To find out more please visit:

We Cannot Do This Without Your Support

After the conclusion of the first set of hearings, Chair Sir Geoffrey Nice QC stated:

"The Tribunal's judgement, whatever it eventually concludes, will be available to guide all those interested at a time when no national or international body or court...will even have started to establish an evidence-based account of events sufficient to trigger performance of international law duties that might save the innocent."

It is essential that states are independently and impartially investigated when serious allegations of human rights violations are made against them. With no route through an international court, the Tribunal is an important step in upholding international human rights by holding the People's Republic of China to account. The Tribunal is a non-profit and relies on individual donations.

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