Fund the Sesh

Fund the Sesh

Nelson Mandela: "It is music and dancing that make me at peace with the world" Help bring peace to the world by letting me dance. In Ibiza.

We did it!

On 14th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I went to my first rave in '94. £12 to get in and you could fill your water bottle at a drinking fountain. Dancing for 12 hours, hands reaching for the lasers. "Hello mate, what's your name, wot you dropped?"

Those were the days. I turn 40 this summer and I need to see where it all started. It's my heritage. It started in a converted barn in the middle of a little island in the med. Ibizaaaaaaa!

Here's the thing.  F*** me, Ibiza is expensive. 60 notes to get into your club of choice, 20 euros for a slurp of something alcholohic or a tenner for some water.

So I'd like the great British public to help out. Ive got three kids ffs, mouths to feed.

Initially I thought this was a silly idea - however I have done some maths. And it has started to make sense. Although that might be the gin.

There are around 16 million established middle class peeps in the UK. Thats 16 million people who could afford to chuck me a nugget. A pound - one single quid. Theres probably three quid down the back of most sofas right now.

Now, I dont need £16 mill for the sesh. £300 would be a touch.  So I just need 0.02% of the middle classes to not buy 2 chunky kit kat's and give me the money instead. Not too much to ask for, is it?

Now, you might be thinking this is a really selfish request. And in essence you would be 100% right. But there will be rewards. For anyone making a pledge. And if I hit the £16 million mark, im putting 2 mill behind the bar at Amnesia for a mad one. Imagine that.

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