Fund the next UN Secretary-General

Fund the next UN Secretary-General

10k in 4 weeks: Fund the next UN Secretary-General

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On 15th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Project aim

Raise funds for tuition fees

About the project:

About me:

  • Hi, my name is Aminata. I am a 1st generation immigrant


  • I grew up in Sierra Leone during the civil war and experienced the effects of war first hand. This has shaped my passion and drive for Politics today


  • I have been offered a place on the MSc Development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), but cant afford the full tuition, and expenditure


  • My savings is enough to cover my accommodation fees


  • SOAS requires me to pay at least half of my fees on Monday 21st September



Where will the money go?

  • I am raising 10k to meet the cost of my tuition fees:

The total cost of my fees is £10,000 (plus administration charges)

I currently have enough saved for accomadation, books and other basic expenses


What is Development studies?

Development studies is a field of study that is concerned with change in the South (developing countries) via social and economic, political and cultural - and the major policy challenges they present to efforts to overcome poverty and insecurity.

The field of development is relevant in this globalised world we live in today especially at such a time of economic turmoil.


  • state failure, poverty and insecurity


  • how does international and global security affect development processes and vice versa


  • what is needed for long term sustainable development in developing countries’


  • Are there any clear links between foreign aid and (under) development?


As someone who has experienced the brunt of development practices and the politics of War, I want to further develop my knowledge and understanding of development theories, issues and practices with a view of working in the United Nations-subsequently becoming the UN secretary General in the next decade.




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