Support my PhD project

Support my PhD project

I'm raising funds to pay a part (£8500) of my tuition fees which will enable me to complete the first year of my PhD successfully.

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On 6th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £200 with 8 supporters in 56 days

I'm raising funds to pay a part of my tuition fees which is 8500 pounds per installment. Unfortunately, I could not secure any scholarships or bursaries for this academic year and I have exhausted all other means of arranging the money. I don't have a job after applying for hundreds of them and all the campaigning work I do is unpaid. This is really my last option and I hope you can help me in whatever small way you can. I will keep a track of all those who make a contribution and I will try to repay you the money as soon as I have a job and I am able to save up. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

About the project

The present and historic paradox, which underlies the thrust of this research, is the continuing growth of support for anti-war and peace movements, and radical left wing politics by large sections of the population  in Britain. Following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party and more recently his electoral success in the 2017 General Election, anti-war and peace movement commitment is now seen to be in mainstream of British politics.  With rising military conflicts around the world, economic instability, a weak and divided government, and an urgent need to contest the political terms of Brexit, it is very important to establish the link between the anti-war movement and the Labour left. Therefore, I believe, that a revised and thorough academic examination of the political impact of the anti-war movement is essential. 

Alongside my studies, I have been actively involved in anti war campaigning and more recently with the leadership and electoral campaign of Jeremy Corbyn. I am currently in the first year of my four years long study in the Institute of Contemporary Bristish History at King's College London. 

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